Africa Oye

Africa Oyé – 22/23 June, Sefton Park

EVENT Always one of the early highlights of the summer calendar (is it even summer yet?), Africa Oyé puts last year’s rain-soaked madness behind them and pitches back up at Sefton Park – hopefully Mother Nature’s in the mood to dance this time. Artists from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria and more (headlined by the brilliant Mokoomba, below) all bring their thrilling African pop and blues to Liverpool for this two-day Afrostravaganza. This is easily one of the UK’s best festivals, and it’s still completely free. Go along and support. More information on Facebook

How To Live An Unremarkably Average Life

CARTOON Sometimes it’s too easy to autopilot your way through your life. Days at your desk merge into one. It’s a comfortable existence, isn’t it? Use this marginally bleak, but excellently done, comic strip by Chris Guillebeau as inspiration to do something different today. Us? We’re off to learn Japanese and how to breathe fire. Hooray. Read more

Konstruktor camera by Lomography

THING The world’s first build-it-yourself 35mm camera? Sign us up. The current resurgance in vintage-hued photography is all down to Lomography, and the company have taken things up a level with their latest release. Ditch your lame Instagram and do it properly: this DIY delight not only shows you first hand how a camera works, but also takes rather lovely snaps. Plus it comes with snazzy stickers. More information

Smartphone film scanner

THING Interested in getting into 35mm photography (see above), but don’t know how to get ’em on your computer or Facebook or whatever you use? Here’s your solution: a clever little film scanner that takes your smartphone and zips through all those negatives you’ve got lying around. Great. More information

Very Semi-Serious

KICKSTARTER One of the best magazines in the world, the New Yorker – an incisive, brilliant weekly read – might not be available in your local WH Smiths but is definitely worth tracking down (more info on their website). Their cartoons, and associated caption competitions, are the stuff of legend, and this Kickstarter documentary aims to highlight the people behind the ink: generations of cartoonists making funny, subtle work. There’s some great rewards if you donate. More information

The Fall on iPlayer

TELLY This utterly gripping thriller, about a serial killer in Belfast, was a ratings hit for BBC2 over the past couple of months. Starring Gillian Anderson as an ice cold detective and Jamie Dornan as the equally ice cold killer (revealed, uniquely, in the first episode), this series is as stunningly acted as it is written. We can’t wait for series two, but in the meantime check out the first one on iPlayer. More information

Dogs With Their Heads Out Of Car Windows

OHMYGOD Are you feeling miserable? It’s Monday, so we don’t blame you. But watch this lovely, feelgood video of dogs enjoying a ride in the car and everything will be a bit better. Trust us.

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