Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present at FACT, 17th October

FILM A moving, compelling documentary follows the legendary performance artist as she gears up for one of her biggest feats yet: three months in New York’s MOMA, sitting silently face to face with a constant stream of members of the public. It’s in turn inspiring and fascinating, giving a portrait of an artist who relies just as much on the audience as they do on her. 6.30pm. More information


MAGAZINE A magazine for men, without much in the way of football, luscious babes and iPhone porn. What the heck can it fill its pages with? Just stuff on Stone Island’s creative director, Nigella Lawson, jaw-dropping street art, boxing, cocktails, ferraris, Icelandic shoegaze and men’s fragrances. In a word: brilliant.

How I Ended This Summer

DVD Wonderfully nihilistic and funny, in the way that great Russian films master perfectly, this Arctic two-hander is set on a remote Siberian island, where two meteorologists sit out a severe winter, their only contact a crackling radio line to home: from where dark news arrives. The repercussions of which give Aleksai Popogrebsky’s film its tense propulsion.

A Carefully Planned Festival – October 20th-22nd, Northern Quarter, Manchester

FESTIVAL Manchester’s Northern Quarter will be overrun by hipsters (like any other day really) as ACPF Take Two takes to the streets, with the rather ace Tall Ships, Brontide, Sun Drums, Vasco Da Gama, Brontide and Ex Easter Island Head among the many, many lovely people taking part. We suggest a night in a Premier Inn is called for. Weekend Tickets £15. More information

Une Bobine

GADGET Quite simply a brilliant idea, the Bobine is part iPhone cable, part flexible tripod. It holds shape when it bends, opening up a whole new world of photography for the notoriously awkward iPhone. Your Instagramming will never be the same again. More information

The Shondes – The Lomax, 19th October

GIG Spikey indie from another brilliant Brooklyn-based combo, supported ably by DirtBlonde, So Sexual and Mashemon. Sixties girl-group harmonies meet heart-tugging tales of love and loss and annoyingly catchy observations on queer politics and Jewish identity. Yeah, it’s a real Yiddish treat – and we love ‘em. More information

Art Of The Arcade

WEBSITE One for all you video game nerds out there, or anyone who’s ever spent a lost evening fiddling with a joystick. Art of the Arcade is a brilliantly curated blog highlighting some of the industry’s best logos, designs, packaging and graphics; a carefully-collected treasure trove of gorgeous retro delights.

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