COMEDY Got Netflix? Caught Portlandia yet? Do it. Do it now. Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstien and Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen penned and star in this viscously accurate satire of the hipster life in Portland. No trend tic is left un-poked, from facial hair to dumpster diving, website stats to ethical bookstores. It’s funny coz it’s true, right. (Apart from website stats. There’s nothing funny about them).

Bird Sheet Music – Tate Liverpool, Sunday 20th January

EVENT The long awaited premier of artist Kerry Morrison’s bird-shit notated musical score gets the full aPAtT treatment at Tate this Sunday. Performances throughout the afternoon in the Tate Foyer. Birds will be hanging around outside, should you want to congratulate them on their oeuvre. More information


APP Ridiculously riotous fun for two or more iPhone friends with time on their hands, and a propensity to shout out absurd commands to their hapless space crew team to help save their ailing space ship. Stupidly addictive. Probably better after the pub. Available on the App Store


CLOTHES You know that fleece onesy you’ve got with the cutesy animal ears you watch Casualty in? Yeah, well, this would eat it alive. The (possibly Portlandia-approved) Grizcoat is a faux fur jacket with realistic bear-head hood and claws, and what Vogue might tentatively call a ‘statement coat’ (that’s if they ever covered fake bear coats, but whatever). Polar bear option also available, obviously. http://grizcoat.com/

Cuts Summit – ACC Liverpool, Friday 18 January

EVENT Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and the Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, are hosting a summit of large cities to challenge and demand changes to the Government’s slash and burn approach to local authority funding around these parts. Should be a lively, impassioned event. www.accliverpool.com

In Seven Days… Nicola Green In Conversation at the Walker Gallery, 18th January

EXHIBITION TALK The story of Obama’s legendary 2008 campaign. Told in silk screen prints? Why the hell not. The exhibition opens this Friday 18th at the Walker Art Gallery, with artist Nicola Green in conversation with Richard Benjamin, Head of the International Slavery Museum, at the museum, at 3pm. Read our exhibition preview here.

Open Lab

RADIO STATION Spain-based purveyor of the finest ambient, techno, trance and experimental electronica with a dreamy edge. Stuck in rush hour traffic and Chris Evans just not doing it? Grab a slice of Balearic bliss by using the TuneIn Radio App and chilling the flip out. www.openlab.fm

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