Suuns at the Kazimier, 17th May

GIG We’re big fans of this poppy prog gang from Canada, so it’s rather thrilling that they’re playing one of the best spaces in the city this Friday night. A little bit psychedelic, a little bit krautrock, and very excellent, the band hit town this Friday for a preview of their great new ‘Images Du Futur’ longplayer. Highly recommended. (Warning: video below contains flashing imagery) Facebook event

Geo Guesser

GAME You’re dropped randomly onto the Earth’s surface, shown a Google Street View aperture, and have to guess where you are. You get points for how close your guess is. Simple, brilliant and totally addictive. And what if we confused an island off the coast of Estonia for a Caribbean luxury resort. It’s made us want to head straight to the Baltic. No, the real Baltic.

Rubbish NYC Apartments

BLOG The Worst Room, a brand new Tumblr by 25 year-old freelancer Ryan Nethery (currently living out of his car), is dedicated to his fruitless hunt for affordable New York City accommodation. Behold bizarre kitchen-in-bed ‘rooms’, windowless closet spaces, and overpriced shitholes. Makes us appreciate affordable Liverpool just that little bit more.

Eurovision Song Contest

EVENT Yeah, she’ll make hearts of coal melt in Neath, but will Bonnie bring back the goods? Well the simple answer is no. But this year, under Sweden’s care, the contest is set for a dazzling return to form. They’ve even wheeled out the boys from ABBA to write a new song for the show. Our hot tip is this gorgeously seductive track from Anouk, for The Netherlands. But it’s probably too good to get the Balkan block vote.

Look 13

EVENT The Liverpool International Photography Exhibition is back and bigger than ever – with shows, talks and events throughout the city. From Rankin to McNulty, from the Bluecoat to Camp and Furnace, the world’s best photographers present work that responds to this year’s theme: ‘who do you think you are?’ – looking at what happens when we turn the camera on ourselves and others to create images of identity, subjectivity and the self.

What is the internet doing to our brains?

INFO It’s a valid question. Author Nicholas Carr explains briefly how the web is affecting us, from creativity to our ability to learn, in this animation, below. There’s much more on the subject in his book ‘The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains’.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

INFO This 1941 short film is a lovely, 10 minute retro treat – ten golden rules on the best way to make a decent cuppa. Via

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