Sam Carter – Rodewald Suite, Philharmonic Hall, 16th Nov

GIG Lyrically astute, finely observed songs form the heart of this young meteor of the new folk scene’s set. If only he’d step into the limelight a little more persuasively. But then, that ‘anti Seth Lakeman’ status suits him just fine. Tickets

Neil Halstead – Rosewald Suite, Philharmonic Hall, 13th Nov

GIG Christ, the Rosewald Suite’s busy this week, innit? The 13th sees a visit from the rather legendary Halstead, who’s been in seminal shoegaze bands Slowdive and Mojave 3 – both of which inspired countless fuzzy rock bands. Expect gorgeous dream-folk on this rare solo outing. Tickets

Madness – Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da

ALBUM They’re bringing their Christmas show to the Echo Arena on Friday 7 December, but it’s not all greatest hits. There’s life in the lads yet. Their new set is refreshing proof that the Camden boys have matured into the keenest chroniclers of modern Britain we have. And, with gorgeous tunes of the calibre of Leon and Never Knew Your Name, they’re truly deserving of their new ‘by royal warrant’ status. The Nutty Train isn’t derailed – it’s gone all High Speed 2 on us. Visit site

250 Top IMDB Movies in two-and-a-bit minutes

VIDEO We love wasting time (sorry, er, researching) on IMDB as much as anyone, and this brilliant YouTube clip splices together scenes from 250 of the film site’s top rated movies. In two and a half minutes. Drinking game: try and name them all.

Google Type

WEBSITE The 21st century version of a kidnap ransom note, Google Type lets you spell out words and phrases using the megabrand’s own image search. Hours (alright, minutes) of fun. Visit site

David Sedaris on the New Yorker

PODCAST David Sedaris reading Miranda July? On a New Yorker podcast? Could there be anything more hipster-essential? Oh, that it’s every bit as funny and smart as you’d hope doesn’t do it any harm either. Visit site

Old Fashioned

COCKTAIL Yes yes, it’s very Don Draper. It’s also a thing of sheer liquid beauty done right. So do it yourself. Get the instant fix on the very best way to make an Old Fashioned in this lovely online tutorial. We like ours made with Jamesons though. Shhhh. Visit site

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