A Hoodie That’ll Last A Lifetime

AMAZING IDEA Our favourite Kickstarter of the week is an impressive reaction against disposable, stack-’em-high-sell-’em-cheap modern retail. So instead of that favourite Primark top you’ll have to buy 3 times over, you could buy this new Flint & Tinder hoodie: made in the USA from the best fabrics and threads, and built to last for years. The idea is that you’ll love it so much you’d rather get it mended (amazingly, included in the price) than replace it. A great vision. More information

100 South By SouthWest Songs

MUSIC 100 songs for free, you say? Yeah, well they’re probably crap, right? Wrong. For a limited period only, the great minds at The Mix: Austin are giving away 100 songs by 100 artists set to ignite this year’s SXSW Festival. Artists include Alt-J, the bliss pop of SevenStreets faves Foxygen and Olafur Arnalds among, er, 97 more. Hear them here

Yearwalk on iPad

GAME From the first crunch of boot in snow, you know that Yearwalk, the new iPad game from Simogo, is a thing or rare and spellbinding beauty. It’s based on the Scandinavian custom of trekking out into the deep midwinter forest, to clear one’s head before the new year begins. Only, on this disturbing, dark and disorienting walk, all is not quite what it seems. Get the game, and the companion – a guide to the myths and monsters of the Lappish forests. The best game in the App Store by some margin. http://simogo.com/games/yearwalk/

Shetland on iPlayer

TV If you didn’t see it last night, iPlayer it immediately. BBC’s take on ScandiCrime Noir, Shetland is off to a promisingly bleak and off-kilter start. A cast of mildly unhinged types, a dash of mid-life ennui, and that achingly bleak and beautiful Shetland landscape. We’re fairly sure it’s only a matter of time before we see Sara Lund hovering in the middle distance. That it’s based on Ann Cleeves’ masterly Shetland Quartet means you’re in safe (if bloody) hands here. Watch on iPlayer

Stornoway at the Kazimier, 11th March

GIG On a similar Scottish theme, Oxford lads Stornoway (named after the gorgeous town up on the island of Lewis, obviously) are set to bring their throbbing, euphoric indie to the Kaz this Monday courtesy of Evol. Premiering tracks from their great new album ‘Tales From Terra Firma’, it’s set to be a lovely way to kick out those back-to-work Monday blues. Facebook event

Misdirect Movies at the Royal Standard

ART We’re looking forward to this new exhibition at the excellent Royal Standard space, sitting beside the city’s business district, featuring a selection of artists who’ve cut up, recontextualised, and toyed with existing cinematic imagery. Set to be a playful, thoughtful collection of work. 16th March – 31st March. More information

Why Teens Are Tiring of Facebook

FEATURE At one point or another, we’ve all been sick of Facebook. The endless pictures of what your old schoolfriends are having for dinner always has us hovering over the ‘Hide’ button, and its endless tinkering with privacy gets us on edge sometimes. But us? We always go back. It’s comforting, and we’re used to it now, and it’s actually very useful, if you can get past the annoyances. Teenagers and tweens, though, are leaving the site in droves, fragmenting to places like Instagram and Tumblr. This interesting article on tech site CNet takes a look at why. Read here

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