The TrestlesIt’s a sorry state of affairs when you get excited about receiving a real CD to review instead of a download code in your inbox. But, then, that’s the sort of band Liverpool’s The Trestles are. If they had our address, we’re pretty sure they’d come round and sing it out to us over butties and a pint of Cains.

Sing On is a taster from their soon to be released debut album – and, yes, that will be available to download too. Despite their forays into the virtual, you get the feeling frontman – and sometime SevenStreets contributor – Alan O’Hare would much rather be pressing vinyl and playing gigs than pressing flesh and lighting up the blogosphere with viral mp3s.

Sing On is a perfect example of what The Trestles do best. Straight up, ear-worm infectious, singalong pop/rock, with a blue collar stain soaked straight through it.

Always good value live, Sing On (and its stripped down cover of Springsteen’s I’m On Fire) shows that The Trestles can bottle at least some of that energy on those new fangled CDs too.

Step On is available from iTunes on August 30

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