Space is the Place – we know this. We’ve been around, and can confirm, space has the edge. It’s roomier, for one. And it rsz_125663768_sun-ra_403022c (1)has a deeply funkier soundtrack, for two. Take A Culture Less Ordinary’s late summer blast off, a homage to the late, great Cosmic Pharaoh and Saturnian – Sun Ra.

Another must-visit production from the CLO team meld space age visuals, mind-melting live music, space age exotica and cosmic beauties (that’s you) at The Kazimier on 31st August. Where else?

Sun Ra probably needs no introduction. And his 1971 cult film, Space Is The Place sort of defies one completely. So we’ll skip that, and cut and paste a YouTube vid instead.

Citing ‘the planets, mythical gods, flowers and intergalactic people’ as his influences, Sun Ra was ‘returned to the planets’ in 1993, but not before the prolific jazz composer, bandleader, poet and philosopher gifted us with some of the 20th century’s most truly out there creativity, and somewhere approaching 200 albums’ worth of pioneering electronic funk.

Celebrating the man’s legacy, A Culture Less Ordinary gathers United Vibrations, Spaceheads, We The Undersigned, The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band and others – boosted by the Liverpool Psych Fest Psound Psystem, and a full screening of the Space Is The Place film in the alchemist’s alley, between the garden and the venue.

Space Is The Place
31 August

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