It must be an omen. A portent of something. A conjunction of many wonderful things, hovering ahead of us, lighting our way through the winter….oh sod the poetic allegories, they’re wasted on you anyway…

Bido Lito‘s first Social Club is a-comin’ down the tracks. And the opening shindig comes complete with SevenStreets’ approved Harvest Sun Promotions and gritty pop minstrels, Mashemon. It comes with The Tea Street Band and Ticks, not to mention those hepcats, the Bido Lito DJs (weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, redundancy parties… call ’em up).

Put it all together and, by our rough calculations, you’re looking at a Thursday night in February better than most. Take our advice, skip all that Valentines’ meal deal crap at the weekend, and save all your kisses for this one…

Bido Lito Social Club, 17 February
The Shipping Forecast, Slater Street
Tickets £4

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