We had a meeting the other night at the lovely Leaf Cafe on Parliament Street.

We invited anyone who we thought might be interested in contributing, as we’re keen to add more voices to the SevenStreets mix. After all, a bloke from Hartlepool and a bloke from Birkenhead can scarcely be the only people to write a website about Liverpool.

One of us brought pencils and the other a bad cold. Our silent third partner even put in a rare public appearance. All of us brought a healthy sense of trepidation about whether anyone would brave the autumnal cold to talk about doing a spot of writing, or photography, or whatever for the site.

We need not have feared. Liverpool’s writers and photographers turned up and had great ideas and input. It felt like the beginning of something valuable, productive and fun. We hope that a great night was had by all.

We’re always on the look-out for people who want to contribute in any way, so the meet-up is likely to be a semi-regular, semi-formal, semi-boozy affair. If it’s your thing, come along and have a chat with us.

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• Many thanks to Peter Goodbody for the images

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