Africa OyeWell,  it’s not exactly the complete guide – keep reading us over the coming months for that. But it’s still nice to be asked for our opinion. So when the Guardian wanted us to choose ten events between now and the end of the summer for their tour of country, courtesy of a select bunch of city bloggers (are we a blog?) how could we refuse?  Yeah, we know, the Guardian Media Group gets lovely free content but, hey, they do give us a lovely free website – so it seemed like a good deal to us.

They kicked off yesterday, as they would, with Manchester – and’s list of the top ten things to do in Manchester, and boy oh boy did those nasty comments come a pouring in.  ‘What rubbish journalism’ ‘I’m not paying £2 for that, it’s shit’…’you know the sort of comments The Guardian gets. Makes you proud of free speech.

So we’re bracing ourselves. But, really, you’ve only yourselves to blame – we took the opportunity to ask you, our lovely readers, to select the events yourselves. Admittedly, we got over 30 suggestions and had to whittle it down to ten, but here they are.

Please, be gentle with us…

Summer Arts Calendar, Liverpool

– Africa Oye image by saralparker

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