Yes, yes, it’s a bit out of kilter with our usual stuff – but if the Everyman/Playhouse can have an annual rock’n’roll panto then we can have a Christmas Quiz.

We’ve tempted quizmaster Che Burnley and various institutions from around Liverpool to the SS HQ with the lure of pigs in blankets and forced them to write Liverpool-based quiz questions for us, with the threat of a Desperate Scousewives marathon to keep them in line.

Not just that, but we’ve got a picture round for you – and something of a treasure hunt just in case you’re tempted to Google all the answers.

We’ve got some great prizes lined up too, courtesy of Tate Liverpool, the Philharmonic Hall, the Walker Gallery, the Everyman and Playhouse, FACT and the Museum of Liverpool – so there’s a damn good reason to pull your finger out and get quizzing.

Do it with your friends; do it with your family; do it one your own if you think you have the quiz chops. And put away those mobile phones – that’s cheating.

Instructions are at the bottom. In the meantime, if you get stuck, have a gander at the site or our Facebook page – you can find clues to most of the answers there.

Round 1: Famous Liverpool pubs

We like pubs, especially pubs in Liverpool, so we kick off with a dip into a few local boozers

Name the pub: Over 150 years old, formerly called the Ruthin Castle and famous for its War Room.

The Philharmonic has two snugs – what are they called?

Translated from the Gaelic it’s known as Kiss My Arse, but what is this pub better known as?

This pub is named after a shipping company whose most famous ship only made one voyage. What is the name of the pub?

It’s been in every edition of the good pub guide and is named after a campaigner against slavery – what’s it called?

It’s named after one of its landlords; it has also been known as The Liver Inn, Cains Brewery Tap and The Grapes; its back room is known as The Hogarth Room. Which pub is it?

Situated on Hardman Street on the site of an old bakery; what’s it called?

Name the pub: Named for a famous Liverpool physician from the mid-1800s

The Philharmonic is renowned for its famous male marble urinals, but how many are there in the pub?

A hotel pub we enjoyed a gin and tonic – with an unusual eight-legged accompaniment – name it.

Round 2: TV, theatre and film

Liverpool has rarely been as well-represented on TV as it is now; and its massive range of theatres makes it a rich breeding ground for talent. Dive in.

Two Doctor Whos hail from Liverpool. Can you name them?

What were Brookie villain Jack Michaelson’s first words in the newly post-watershed Brookside?

It’s a bit like Sin City, it’s written by the guy who used to be lead singer in Benny Profane and it’s set in an alternative version of Liverpool. Name the film.

Liverpool boasts a brilliant pantomime double-act – they’re both frequently dames – that grace the Everyman or Playhouse stage at Christmas. Name the duo.

Who – or what – claims to be Britain’s bitchiest blogger, despite the fact no-one’s ever heard of him?

Who is Liverpool’s newest theatre named after?

Name the Brookie character we briefly considered naming the site after (our favourite)

Name three of the Unity Theatre’s five patrons

“I’m desperate, Dan.” Which fictional character said this?

Round 3: Music

Liverpool and music. Music and Liverpool. The city certainly punches above its weight in this area so we had to have a round on it

Who did Ian McNabb allegedly say had a ‘liver as big as Hartlepool’?

Which Beatles’ work has been exhibited in the Walker Art Gallery?

Which former LFC striker is pictures on the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s?

Name the two local lads who made the finals of the X-Factor this year.

Who had Liverpool’s first (pop charts) number one?

Hideous artworks by which renowned Beatles artist can be glimpsed in the Hard Days Night hotel?

What is Chibuku Shake Shake (we don’t mean the club)?

Name three songs about Liverpool streets.

“This man is our greatest songwriter,” said NME in 1999 about a Liverpool artist. Who was it?

Round 4: Around Liverpool

We spend a lot of our time around Liverpool – and a lot more time writing about it. We hope you do too – if so the next round should be a cinch.

Where could you find…

Tipping buckets;

Eleanor Rigby;

Bessie Braddock;

Seagulls rising;

A dead man at a table with a deck of cards;

Billy Fury;

“One of the best worst buildings in Britain”;

Subterranean tunnels built by a Victorian oddball;

The Walker Indestructible;

A ‘ghost street’ named after the owner of a fleet of slave ships?

Round five: Treasure hunt

There’s no treasure as such – but you will have to get out into the city to find out the answers to the following questions. They’re not search-able on the web – we’ve checked – so if you really want to win those prizes you’ll have to put your scarves and wellies on. Since they require a bit more effort you get ten points for each you get right.

How many Phillip Treacy hat blocks are on display in the DLA Piper series: Conversation pieces at Tate Liverpool? (ten points)

What are the names of the winged astronauts in FACT’s Gallery 1? (ten points)

What is the final destination of the Liverpool Overhead Railway carriage at the Museum of Liverpool? (ten points)

In the foyer at the Philharmonic Hall there’s a dedication to the Titanic’s band, who famously played on as the ship went down. What does the dedication say? (ten points)

What is the statue in the Walker Gallery café, of Sir Anthony Barclay Walker, wearing around his neck? (ten points)

Round six: Pictures

Various snaps from our trips around the city. See if you recognise who, where and what.

Where is this?

Who is this?

Name the artwork

Name the event

Where is Bill Drummond baking cakes?

Where is this?

What is this installation called?

Which spooky Merseyrail station is this?

Name this bar where we have our secret meetings.

Where is this?

Entries need to be in by 31 December 2011; mail them to marked with ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Multiple entries will be given a scousebrow. And don’t worry if you can’t get ’em all – we’ll be astonished if anyone aces it.

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