We love the work of Made Here, the local crafts champion – but there’s more to them than fancy-pants baubles. They’re working with Lodge Lane’s Tiber Project Chairty on a young apprentice-style challenge, involving two groups of 14-18 year olds being given Christmas merchandise, designing a business, marketing, repackaging/designing and then selling the products in the Pop Up department stores in Clayton Square between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday (8th December). The team who earns the most will win.

“The project is teaching the young people involved vital business and team working skills,” says Craft Creative’s Becky Christian, “Plus they can credit the project on any further education applications. All proceeds are donated straight back into the charity to provide further opportunities for young disadvantaged children and young people in the area.”

Sounds like great fun. And is.

“I’ve been coming here for over 6 years, first to The Greenhouse Project when I was younger and then The Tiber Project after I turned 13,” says 16 year old Shannon.

“I’ve learnt some great business skills. We can’t wait to get on our stall on Saturday 8th December and make some sales and see our hard work pay off!”

“It’s great to see the young people dedicating their own time and working towards a goal to learn vital business and work skills,” Becky adds.

“Some of the ideas they have come up with to rebrand, repackage and sell the merchandise has been truly inspiring and if anything they have taught me something, not the other way round!”

So get down to Clayton Square this weekend, and do your best furrowed brow Nick Hewer impression. It’s all for a good cause.

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