You know that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get when you stumble upon somewhere you just *know* is going to be your new favourite local? Imagine our delight when we came across this stunning new joint. We spotted it fumbling through the latest issue of Monocle. Little did we know its modernist silhouette (it’s an achingly Neo Corbusian homage, but whose, dammit?) was tucked into our very own city.

We’ve yet to sample it. Reports please. We bet you’re ahead of us on this one.

Pic: Richard Hector-Jones

8 Responses to “The Place Where No-one Knows Your Name”

  1. I’ve had a few pints in the Penny Farthing. Last time I was there was after Ringo was berking about on the roof. There was a poster on the wall between two cage fighters whose nicknames were ‘Beasteron’ and ‘I Will Destroy You’.

  2. John Barnes

    Its £1.65 a pint. It’s up their with Smokie Mos on mount pleasant and Kozys near Sir Thomas St. Always open and someone ready to have a fight with you.

  3. Obewan

    ahh, the good old days (and I mean OLD)… The Penny Farthing, The Sportsman, the Moonstone…. and that one that faced Lime St station which was a cobbled street with stars painted on the ceiling so that it looked like you were outside…what was that called ?. these where the places to go… and then the Top Rank… all in the one big St Johns complex….
    Bear in mind, this was before the real “bar culture” took off and it was all about pubs !
    The Cracke, Roscoe Head…. even the Grapes on Matthew St were the other pubs (I kid you not, the Grapes was a good pub… especially on the way to Erics).
    Then we got Kirklands and Streets…. new style… we actually called them “Wine Bars” in the day.
    Those were the daze….

  4. JD Moran

    I’ve not been in for about five years now but on the few times I’ve ventured in, found it to be one of the friendliest pubs I’ve been in.

    Even the lad with the knife in his sock regaling us of his plans for retribution on the bouncer.

  5. Louise

    Hhhm! it was a long time ago (bring on that De Lorean) but its the only pub in Liverpool in which I’ve witnessed a fight. Maybe I led a sheltered life till then. I didn’t go back to find out.

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