The Nags Head

Update as of October 2011: this place is now under new management. Original piece published July 2010.

SevenStreets had a tough morning yesterday, and was in dire need of a liquid lunch with colleagues whilst stranded in the backwaters of Willaston, Cheshire.

Accompanied by Colleague A and Colleague B we navigated bumpy, sparse roads until we came across The Nags Head, situated slap bang in the middle of nowhere. We’ve been once before – on the day of the second England World Cup group game against Algeria – where some bickering and in-fighting behind the bar over the television led to a serious delay before we could whet our whistles and move on.

The ‘passion’ from that evening, sadly, wasn’t evident yesterday. Short of dollar and with the nearest cash point miles away, SevenStreets asked what the minimum spend was we could put on a card. A shrug from the gent behind the bar and a reluctance to find out left we as confused as he. Time to pick something from the menu and hope for the best. Ham and cheese panini and a Strongbow please – that’ll be £8.30.

Colleague A ordered a cheese sandwich and a Coke. Colleague B sniggered as the till rang up over a thousand-pound bill. Blustered, the barman finally got the correct price up – a staggering £6.75, and five more minutes eaten out of our holy lunch hour. Not a pleasant start, but maybe it’s because it was Friday afternoon and we needed to be back in the office sooner rather than later. Basic manners and blunders were disappointing though, especially as the only other guests were three people risen by Jesus himself (and who looked incredibly close to being welcomed into his arms again very soon).

We relaxed with our drinks and watched the muted golf on the TV, commenting on Daly’s ludicrous luminous green hat and pink tracksuit bottoms. We did so again about ten minutes later and were exasperated enough to bring it up after another twenty, nervously checking the time.

Colleague A got up to cancel the order just as the staff appeared with our food, finely balanced on nan’s best wedding china. “12 chips!” exclaimed Colleague B, a little bit like Rain Man, as his pricey bacon toastie was placed before him – a strip of bacon between two squashed pieces of bread. He didn’t mean 12 chips in the crockery by the way, he meant on the plate  – of the previously frozen variety. SevenStreets had abundantly more, which was a bit unfair (we’re no fans of portion control either, but that’s hardly the way to make a point). Not that we had much time left to enjoy them anyway. Colleague A’s cheese sandwich, in case you’re wondering, was two pieces of white bread with grated cheese on it, accompanied by salad. From a bag. “Cheers,” we half-heartedly saluted as we trudged out the door, out of pocket and ultimately unfulfilled.

It’s a sad statistic that most pubs don’t survive past their first year of trading. The Nags Head needn’t worry though, as it has a complete monopoly on the Willaston area. And Willaston can keep it.

The Nags Head
Hooton Road, Willaston, Neston, Merseyside

— John Meadowcroft is a Wirral based journalist and copywriter.

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  1. Chris Barker

    Whilst I whole heartedly agree with the Nags Head’s description and standard of service, may I just point out that factually you are wrong on the grounds of this questionnable hostelry being the only venue in Willaston Village to provide bread, water and something bordering on hospitality. Should you have ventured across the village green and behind the corner houses you would have been welcomed in an altogether different manner by the Pollards Inn. A little gem of a pub, bar and restaurant nestling behind the cut and thrust of the village. Good food, good ambience and altogether, well, classier.

  2. Seconded, the Pollards is the family-friendly, food-providing pub, whilst the Nags Head is where you go when you want to watch the footie and fight with whoever supports the losing team. However, the Pollards has gone downhill in recent years, the staff seem to be there to chat about their nails and the food is massively over-priced for what you get.

  3. There is a cash point located in the shop at 40 seconds away from the nags head – so you could of got cash quickly – also the spar and post office will give you cash back facilitiesanother beutifull pub called the pollard with a full range of food and a restaurant attached to it, there is also a cafe that serves cheap snacks and full meals – the nags head is where to locals go to watch the sports events and drink – if they want food they go to the pollard and the cafe or the restaurant – S

  4. Mr Bean

    The Nags Head was a friendly and enjoyable place to be when dave and sally had it , with 3 darts teams 2 pool teams and exceptional staff . It went down hill when mr malik took over and i wiss the new owner all the very best in the future what the pub needs is paula and frankie back behind the bar and frankie doing kareoke night again as they were very very good nights and the pub was always full good luck where ever u r i miss u both

  5. Went to the Nags Head after being recommended by friends. Had the most amazing food. The home made pie is to die for. The pub has changed so much for the better cant believe it is the same pub. Well done

  6. HI. The Nag’s Head WIllaston had been copletely re-vamped and is now a warm, friendly pub serving adventurous food from a really good menu. Google searches bring up your headline above as the first thing you see, which seems very unfair to this great new pub. I and my family have been several times, it’s always good, and the new owners deserve a break. Is there any way you can arrange for this headline not to appear at the top of the Google search?

    Cheers. (I am not in any way connected to the pub, but I live in Willaston)

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