Liverpool’s worst kept secret of recent times? Perhaps, but that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for tonight’s return to the Liverpool stage by legendary Liverpool outfit The La’s…

We have waited nearly twenty years for this.

Well, some of us have anyway… Lee Mavers steps back onto a Liverpool stage tonight for a gig advertised as ‘The La’s – stripped back’. What that means isn’t exactly clear.

But, here’s what we do know: Mavers will be playing guitar and singing, Gary Bandit from, erm, The Bandits (remember them? good tunes…) will be playing bass, singing harmony and taking the erstwhile John Power’s old role as second-in-command and the set will start with ‘Son of a Gun’.

Fair enough – we made the last one up, but it’s a safe bet wouldn’t you agree?

As is the fact that this gig – moved upstairs at the o2 Academy to satisfy demand – will be rammed with excited, thirty-something Scousers in Adidas’ finest.

Us? We’re looking forward to it too. And we’ll be wearing our blue Gazelles.

To hear that voice sing those sings will be great – but is it too much to ask to expect some new material as well?

Time will tell and we await Mavers’ liberty ship leaving dock with baited breath…

Alan O’Hare

The La’s – Stripped Back
O2 Academy, Hotham Street
Friday 9 September
Tickets: 0844 477 2000

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