It was a bit of an internet sensation. Within five days, an infographic knocked up by Liverpool’s Ph Creative had been seen by over three million people, in 103 countries, and translated into over 40 languages.

And it didn’t contain the words ‘desperate’ or ‘Scousewives’ anywhere.

You wanna know how they did it? We do.

Internet marketing agencies are, frankly, all over us like SEO scabs. They’re the snake venom salesmen of the 21st century. And yet there is method in their grey-hatted madness and long-tail wizzardry. Get it right and, well, we’re still working out what happens when you do that.

Still, if you had the desire to get the professionals in, we’d reckon our home grown teams are punching well above their weight; not least the crew at Ph Creative.

Their infographic trumpeted the power of social sharing – of how an idea, posted onto the right platforms, can quickly snowball, and create ripples around the world (I think we’ve mixed our metaphors there. No worry).

Called “A Look Into the Future of Facebook 2012-2025.” the infographic followed the design of Facebook Timeline, looking chronologically at the way Facebook could explode over the next decade and a half, and the positive and negative consequences of each new move Facebook could make.

We’re still trying to figure out the new timeline, but we have a hunch it’ll be embedded in our brains in a way Google + isn’t, very soon. And Ph have a few ideas up their wizzard’s sleeves too…

“We’re delighted with the instantaneous global effect that our infographic had,” says Ph’s Managing Director, Bryan Adams. Everything he does, he does it for instantaneous global effect. “This campaign has highlighted the power of social media as a marketing tool for businesses.”

The tipping point came when the infographic was picked up and shared by Brian Solis, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential Social Media gurus (we can’t believe we’ve just used the phrase ‘social media gurus’ and would like to apologise immediately).

Within hours, thousands of people had Tweeted, Facebook shared and blogged about the image.

Dave Hazlehurst, Director of Search at Ph Creative said: “This is an example to all businesses using Social Media. If you create content that is valuable and interesting, and show it to the right influencers, it can be in front of millions within days”.

The Facebook infographic continues to be viewed every seven minutes, and was featured on’s homepage earlier today. Impressive stuff.

If you want a bit of it, Ph Creative has been selected as Google’s legacy partner at the upcoming Global Enterpreneurship Congress event next month, and they’re hosting a half day seminar packed with industry professionals, commentators and grant enablers.

The Fringe event is focusing on businesses insight into Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Finance and Digital Marketing, and runs from 3-6pm on March 16th at the Ph headquarters in Liverpool City Centre.

Speakers confirmed include Andy Leach, CEO of ‘The North West Fund”, Steve Downes, CEO of Juice Digital, Ph CEO, Bryan Adams and Mike Southon, former FT Columnist and author of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’.

“Being selected as Google’s Legacy training partner has given us the opportunity to plan a year of fantastic events aimed at ‘Getting British Businesses Online’,” Adams tells SevenStreets. “The GEC fringe event will see attendees gaining the latest Google insights to help them grow digitally throughout 2012 and beyond.‘As GEC Fringe partners and official Google training partners for 2012, we’re inviting businesses to an afternoon that offers expert insight into business growth, Google’s latest insights, and business leadership for 2012′

As we say, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the world of digital marketing. But with Ph Creative, there’s a fighting chance you’ll be getting a greater return, sorry retweet, on your time than with others.

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