In a cold snap like this we need the warmth of sparky words to huddle around, and rekindle our mushy post-Christmas brains.

Fortunately, our good friends at The Guardian are onto it. They’re coming to town on January 21 to host a night celebrating the best of new Liverpool poetry. And they’ve assembled a first team of in-form wordsmiths to set fire to the top floor of Leaf. Not literally, we were just being poetic (yeah, we’re not performing, you’ll be glad to hear).

Mandy Coe (pic), Steve Regan, Phil Bowen, Eleanor Reece, Michael Egan and Sarah Maclennan are already confirmed.

It will be an open poetry night with free entry on the door, and author and broadcaster Marcel Theroux will be there to document the event on film.

So let’s show them we care,
and we’ll see you there.

(Was that any better?)

Guardian Open Poetry Night
21 January

pic: Paul Farley c The Guardian

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