Some years ago, perhaps in the last century, I received a press release from The Golf Bar on Tithebarn Street – then described as something of a revolution in the way bars would work in the future.

Instead of simply having a pint, you could play golf too, on some sort of Wii-like simulator. It sounded incredible – what other forms of new leisure bar could we expect in the 21st Century? – but in those days I didn’t tend to stray much further than Concert Square, which was rather nice all those years ago.

So, the Golf Bar remained unexplored, like Moorfields Station and the sex shop down the road. Only occasionally did I venture over to Old Hall Street to see the proofs of the student newspaper before printing.

As I’ve been working in that area of town for the past year I’ve walked past it a few times, but only recently remembered that press release and its significance.

This is what it looks like these days, nestled between the wonderfully-named Hackins Hey and Tempest Hey, and residing in the badly-named Churchill House. It looks like an Anthony Burgess nightmare.

It’s been derelict for some time, at least two years by my reckoning, which makes this Yelp review – dated May 2010 – all the stranger.

“You’ve found us…” proclaims the faded sign above the door. A little too late, it would appear.

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  1. Ah the Golf Bar, part of the Old Hall Street to centre trail back in the day – Cross Keys, Exchange, Sams Bar (another forgotten gem, now a coffee shop), Golf Bar then Bar Zero (2 for one on everything, including scallies and under age drinkers) and then whichever Mathew Street bar looked most tempting.

    The problem with the Golf Bar was that it was horrendously expensive, the upstairs was pathetically tiny and if you went downstairs for any length of time exceeding a pint you came up stinking of chip fat. Oh, and the golf simulator was always broken. Aside from all that though, it was a great place.

  2. Always had the footy on, as I remember. One of a few places back then that used to get the foreign coverage of games that weren’t being televised in the UK. Happy memories!

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