argNot content with squeezing naked flesh into shop windows up Bold Street way, the Biennial is intent on making this weekend’s shopping trip into the city an altogether more mysterious affair than usual.

Suspicious signs and mysterious codes appear from nowhere,  a shadowy company is monitoring your every move, and kidnappings and freakish events will be adding an extra dimension of unease and confusion to your weekend wanderings.

And this is before you get to leave your drinks unattended in The Office.

Of course, this is all in the name of art. And participants are invited to crack the codes,  join the resistance, and stumble onwards towards a deadly ‘finale’ that’ll take place at a mystery location somewhere in the city.

Directed by Hilary Westlake, this alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive adventure that uses the real world (or, in this case, Liverpool) as its stage. All the world’s one, we’ve heard.

The game takes the form of a treasure hunt and the outcome of the game can be bent and buckled by its participants.

So, if you’re still pining for the loss of Lost, this could be your best bet.

Although, seriously, if you are still pining for the loss of Lost, we doubt even this can help you.

To join the adventure (it costs a fiver) sign up at

Innovasion, Saturday 9 October
City Centre

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