Where does creativity come from? And when it comes (or, in our case, if) how do you tame that impetuous muse and channel it into something you can flog at the Winter Arts Market? Or, at least, bring something beautiful into the world?

Film maker Ryan Garry wondered that, too. And the result? Something quite creative, actually, and quite beautiful. ‘The Creative Process’ is a documentary, currently doing the rounds (and being shown next week). Lifting the lid on the routes to creative self-expression us Merseyside creative types have found work for us.

“The project started on 15th December 2014 at the Rathbone Studio, a ceramics studio and gallery in Birkenhead. There was an event advertised in the Echo which invited people to come down to the studio to be ‘famous for 15 minutes’ – to which the 14 artists featured in the film came. I had no idea I’d end up making a 40 minute documentary. But over the next year, that’s what happened.’

The result, the contemplative and dreamlike ‘The Creative Process’. Showing at Fredericks on Hope Street next week.

“I didn’t go into the project with any presuppositions about what I would find, but as with any documentary – the core message came out of it as I went along. The thing that I take from it is how it humanises creativity and art. When you go into an art gallery, you might see a painting that can be quite abstract and opaque, but these people in the film are speaking to you. You can see their art and can see them as a person, and you get a sense that their work is really just an extension of themselves. You get a clearer understanding of how they’re trying to communicate to you.”

The doc also squeezes in a chat with Liverpool poet Brian Patten, one of the authors of 1967’s ‘The Mersey Sound’.

“When I write, if I use the word ‘I’ in a poem I’m very conscious that that word could easily be ‘we’. I don’t think I or any poet is a unique person. All you have is a gift to express what many, many people feel. They speak for the tribe,” Patten says.

16 March
Hope Street

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