Here at SevenStreets we’ve been around the block a bit, certainly when it comes to writing, editing and general media dogsbodying.

A desirable, nay necessary, part of any website of publication or website is a competition. Any kind of publication is, after all, exchanging something of value for something else of value – it’s a transaction, plain and simple.

A competition is just a more explicit transaction: read our papers/mag/site and win something valuable and cool. There’s a bit of a knack to identifying really good comps, things that will appeal to readers in such a way that the competition, in itself, will increase readership, sharing, leads – whatever it is you’re looking for.

And a good competition can generate good content in itself, it’s a kind of virtuous circle. Big competitions on nationals often bring with them a variety of clauses that require the entrant to fulfill all sorts of awful publicity obligations.

We’d never stoop that low, of course, but the best competition SevenStreets ever came up with was at the much-missed Liverpool Student newspaper back in the last century.

The prize was to win a Kingsize Breakfast – a favourite of the editorial team – at the nearby Pilgrim. To win the prize any student could turn up at the LS offices, located in the Liverpool John Moores Union, the Haigh, and say the words ‘King Size’ to the editor.

Only, they had to adopt a pose specified in the newspaper and speak the words as New York police detective John Shaft might speak them. What’s more, the words ‘King Size’ had the be absolutely the first words spoken, and the only words.

Compounding our amusement at the parade of hapless students trying their luck over the week was the fact that several people failed to locate the newspaper offices; leading to various secretaries, managers and finance operatives around the building finding their week punctuated with students bursting into their offices, pretending to be Shaft and demanding a King Size breakfast.

SevenStreets doesn’t have a King Size competition in the pipeline, but we do have something brewing that blows it out of the water. A competition to win a genuine bit of Liverpudlian iconography, a symbol of Liverpool’s renaissance.

That’s it… we’ve said too much already. Suffice to say this is the competition to end all competitions. The Alpha and Omega. The.. [that’s enough bigging up the competition – Ed].

Well, you get the picture. It’s a great comp. And you don’t even have to make an idiot of yourself to be win with a shot of winning. Stay tuned…

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