Biennial iPhone appIt’s difficult navigating an event as large and expansive as the Biennial. So it’s nice to discover this time they’ve released an iPhone app to coincide with the festivities.

And it’s actually pretty good. It can be a complicated and confusing process deciding what to see and when, but the app breaks the whole thing down into bitesize chunks: you can quickly find out about each event via the artist, Google maps, or the participating venue. Very practical if you’re planning a walking tour of them and don’t know where to go next.

Of course, you won’t get to find out about any of the independent events going on, and it’s only available for Apple products (sorry, Android users!) but it’s a handy – and free – companion to ensure you don’t miss any of the main strand.

Official Biennial app
Available at the iTunes store

4 Responses to “Biennial: now on your phone”

  1. Be honest, the app’s crap.

    If you pick “Artists” from the front screen you can read details about the artist and their work, then you press “Map View” and you get shown a point on the map, but it doesn’t actually tell you the building/address, which can make it really hard to find some of the venues if you don’t know them already, nor does it tell you opening times.

    If you pick “Map” from the front screen you can see the names of the locations (and opening times in some cases), but you can’t see which artists are at each location!

    This weird split of two disconnected sets of information makes the app infuriating to use, it’s really badly designed.

    The printed maps/guides are about ten times more useable than this app is. I hope they’ll release an update quickly, I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone in its current form.

  2. Chris Coals

    Have to agree, not useful. A bit of bandwagon jumping going on with this app (oo, we’ve got an app, aren’t we hip!)

    Would have been better building

    …or just improving the regular site! Like having ‘MAP’ in the toolbar top of page. Or better search implementation, when I search ‘Map’ I get something from 2009.

  3. Mark Jones

    Everything worked very well when I used the app to navigate the festival during my visit! Sure, it could have had a lot more to it but I think what there was really did the job. I don’t think it’s bandwagon jumping as the Biennial are not really shouting about the app too much, wouldn’t have known about it unless I didn’t read about it on here. Overall a very good app to have during my visit, I got to see so much more during my short stay than I would have. Let’s just hope next Biennial they either increase the functionality to allow Android users access to it as my wife had to keep borrowing my iPhone4!

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