biennial blogThink you can do better than us? (actually, you’d be best setting your standards a little higher). The Biennial’s blog competition has been extended. From now til 4 October, this is your chance to write a piece about the Biennial, how it touched you (or not), or simply just a review of any of the exhibits. You can also create a photo blog, if that’s how your creative juices flow.

The winning blog will be reposted to the Biennial Blog and two winners will be honoured with a private tour with a guest on 9 October from the curator of Touched in the Public Realm, Lorenzo Fusi.  More information can be found at the Opportunities Page of the Biennial website.  Any questions or submissions can be made to

Oh, just so you know, SevenStreets, with Art In Liverpool, and the Biennial will be the judging panel. And we really can’t be swayed. Not even with a VIP booth at Newz Bar.

Especially that, actually.

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