Just what will those loveable Mancunians get up to next?

From Fox News. Now changed.

8 Responses to “The Beatles – Manchester’s favourite moptops”

  1. It’s actually not that surprising, when you think about it. That would have been written by a 23 year old intern. To them, The Beatles are at the outer limits of their knowledge. They’ll have heard of them, sure. But they’ll mean close to zero to them. And knowing where they came from? Forget it. And that’s the way it should be. Move on.

  2. I noticed that the byline was actually The Wall Street Journal, so really, they’re to blame.

    Husband then points out, ‘aren’t they all one in the same now?’

    Bugger. Thanks Rupert, thanks a lot.

  3. Sir Giles Gilbert Snot

    If you’ve heard of The Beatles, then you know that they’re from Liverpool! Their home city is an intrinsic part of their character and their story. You know it. I know it. That’s an ‘inaccuracy’ that’s worthy of the National Enquirer.

    If a guy at the Wall Street Journal thinks that The Beatles are from Manchester then he probably also thinks that Scotland is in England! Need to GET OUT MORE, mate. There’s a big, beautiful, amazing world beyond the shores of America. Your missing out.

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