We love seeing things pop up in unexpected places, so we’re really chuffed to see The Bagelry, previously an itinerant service plying their ring cycle in Baltic Bakehouse, Cow & Co etc, open up a bricks and mortar store – in Chinatown. A chopstick’s throw from the iconic Chinese Arch. And, let’s face it, the Chinese Arch has sorry of felt like a spectacular portal into nowhere of late. So anything that adds a little life on the other side has got to be better for Chinatown’s recovery than grand artists’ impressions of cladded castles in the sky.

Their selection of freshly boiled and baked bagels are delicious, as is the coffee, and the place smartly sidesteps some of the coldly austere clichés you might associate with new cafes or coffee spots. It’s simply a really lovely space to spend some snack-time. And supporting a genuinely homegrown business tastes just great as well, doesn’t it? Just watch you don’t get any of your cream cheese on our new slacks, please.

42 Nelson Street, Chinatown

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