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  • Radar: Festival Bombarda at Williamson Tunnels

    The brilliant Bombarda gang are hosting a ma-bloody-hoosive knees up this weekend, celebrating an entire year of globe-spanning genre hopping fun in Liverpool. The weather...

  • Fiesta Bombarda: A Night To Remember

    It’s no surprise to us that the Fiesta Bombarda tribe have been taken to the city’s hearts so. In turbulent times, it’s good to know...

  • The Weekly Seven: 21st January 2013

    Hot Rum Cow magazine PUBLISHING A magazine all about drink? Correct. The second issue of this great little independent mag’s just been published, and inside...

  • Radar: The Real Monsters

    Emerging Liverpool theatre group stages an alternative to traditional Halloween fare in The Real Monsters at The Casa and Williamson Tunnels.

  • Seven Liverpool theatre picks for February

    February brings a raft of new productions, from a world premiere to the first efforts of new Liverpool theatre companies to the Playhouse's new blockbuster....

  • Radar: Dismembered Empire: Liverpool’s parallel reality

    What if Liverpool was still a global economic centre? Head to the Williamson Tunnels to find out.

  • Radar: Vic Godard and the Subway Sect

    It's not just the relaunch of Erics that's bringing the spirit of 78 back again. The Williamson Tunnels sees legendary, 'lost' post-punk poet, Vic Godard...

  • The See See at Williamson Tunnels

    Acclaimed London psych-pop band rope in some impressive support for their tunnels gig this weekend.

  • High Llamas at Williamson Tunnels

    Beach boys pop meets Bacharach hummability with Sean O'Hagan's High Llamas. Still sprightly after all these years, they haul up at the Williamson Tunnels this...

  • Erland and the Carnival comes to town

    Erland and the Carnival bring joyous, pop-edged folk to the cavernous surroundings of the Williamson Tunnels this Friday, and they've invited a couple of the...

  • The Surface Collection: Review

    You have to wear a hard hat and scramble underground to visit The Surface Collective's temporary gallery. But you'll be glad you made the effort....

  • Review: Williamson Tunnels

    A subterranean labyrinth, built by a lunatic philanthropist, forgotten for decades, now opened up to the public? What's not to like?

  • Danny Howells Digs Deeper

    How to have a birthday party: invite Danny Howells, hire out a tunnel, rave. Repeat for six hours.