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  • Review: Aladdin at the Liverpool Playhouse

    You think you had a strange day at work? If you weren’t hanging from the rafters dressed as a giant shrimp while being serenaded with...

  • Interview: Robert Icke on 1984

    There's a new adaptation of 1984 playing in Liverpool right now getting some of the best reviews we've ever seen, so we had to talk...

  • Review: 1984 at Liverpool Playhouse

    Never mind Farmaggedon – the real terrors this Halloween week are to be found at the Playhouse.

  • Review: Mark Thomas: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

    Mark Thomas' new show weaves humour and politics expertly – and invites a willing audience along for the ride

  • Review: Crime And Punishment

    The new adaptation of Crime and Punishment at the Liverpool Playhouse is theatre-making at its best.

  • Crime and Punishment at the Playhouse

    Read an interview with the play's director - and win tickets to see Crime and Punishment at the Liverpool Playhouse

  • Review: Melody Loses Her Mojo

    An unusual spin on a familiar set-up, wonderful ambiance and excellent lead performances make Melody Loses Her Mojo a satisfying and confident productio.

  • Review: The Kite Runner at Liverpool Playhouse

    Despite strong performances and moment of beauty, The Kite Runner never develops a sense of threat or urgency that such a lengthy, weighty production requires.

  • Review: Beautiful Thing at the Liverpool Playhouse

    Lovely central performances ensure that Beautiful Thing is still engaging, though time has lent a familiarity to the play that diminishes it.

  • Review: Blue Remembered Hills

    This production of Blue Remembered Hills is as perfect an evocation of the casual cruelties and wonders of childhood as you will see.

  • Win tickets to A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg

    Win tickets to see Ralf Little in A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg at the Liverpool Playhouse

  • Review: A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg

    With laughs and shocks sitting side-by-side, this take on ...Joe Egg is a troubling but rewarding production of one of theatre's modern classics.

  • Review: I Was A Rat!

    Despite its breakneck pace there's plenty to enjoy in this new adaptation of Philip Pullman's dark, modern fairytale