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  • Step Inside, Love: The science of interior design

    SevenStreets shares afternoon tea with Leaf's interior architect, Richard Eastwood - the man for whom the phrase 'all back to mine', takes on a whole...

  • Bold Street Coffee (and Tea) anyone?

    The eagle eyed among you will have, like us, spotted the licence applications strapped to a lamppost outside the old Bold Street home of Brew....

  • The Best Restaurant In Liverpool?

    We salute a restaurant that’s a rarity in the city - it doesn’t talk the talk, it just delivers, every time. Why can't we have...

  • Bold and Beautiful: The Music Consortium

    Anchoring the top end of Bold Street again is a record store worth the trek uptown. The newly opened Music Consortium, though, is a resolutely...

  • Review: The Italian Club

    Warm, friendly, relaxing - and offering authentic and tasty food, The Italian Club is a key part of revitalised top of Bold Street.

  • Review: Kasbah Cafe Bazaar

    Kasbah Cafe Bazaar's authentic food and finery makes a very promising first impression.

  • Pop-up shop alert: Percy Gulliver’s Printshop and Social

    Local designer Gary McGarvey has opened up his own shop in the city's Ropewalks, bringing a temporary treasure trove to beloved Bold Street.

  • Radar: Leaf’s first birthday

    Leaf celebrates its first birthday in its Bold Street premises with some special guests

  • 10 things you might already know about Bold Street

    To commemorate the Bold Street Festival we've got some lesser-known facts to help you clue yourself up on some street facts.

  • The Bold And The Beautiful: Bold Street Festival

    Do your bit to save and protect Liverpool's singularly special Bold Street, as the Bold Street Festival celebrates the thoroughfare's (fragile) state of independence this...

  • Leaf it out

    We were sad to hear recently that Leaf, based in the Elevator building on Parliament Street, had shut its doors to concentrate on its newly-opened...

  • Bench Marking Their Territory

    Think Liverpool ONE is sucking the life out of Liverpool's other shopping areas? Here's one shop that's bucking the trend with a fashion statement that'll...

  • The Bold and the Beautiful

    If you're after a the perfect espresso, we'd say Bold Street Coffee is ground (coffee) zero...