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  • Radar: Liverpool Beer Festivals

    You have at least three opportunities to visit a beer festival in Liverpool over the next couple of months - at some glorious venues in...

  • Bitter Experience: The Old Bank Alehouse

    Formerly a bank, then a wine bar, now a real-ale pub. Aigburth has gained an excellent new independent pub...

  • Bitter Experience: The Dovey

    Penny Lane's The Dovey isn't perfect but Robin Brown finds a canny pub with good choices of beer, food and entertainment.

  • Real Ale, Real Pubs: Georgian Quarter Pub Crawl

    Is real ale the real thing? Robin Brown crawls Liverpool's wonderful Georgian Quarter pubs - and finds them good.

  • Northern Star: The Caledonia is two

    In celebration of The Caledonia's second birthday we talk to landlady Laura King on beer, music and running one of Liverpool's best pubs.