When a shop that’s invested heavily in Liverpool ONE closes down, putting twenty concessions and scores of local people out of work, you’d think it would be a time for sympathy, yes?

Not point scoring?

Not if you’re the editor of Liverpool Lifestyle magazine, and Liverpool Fashion Week organiser, Amanda Moss. Seems her only concern is whether it dished out money in her own curious little advertorial magazine.

Her words of comfort to those faced with a final pay check? “Its a great shame that Liverpool Ones home Quarter has shut down,,It was hardly surprising that they chose to publicise the launch in a magazine noones ever heard of,,hardly ever saw anyone go in or out. Oyty toyty,Arty farty never seems to work.” (you’ll forgive us printing it complete with original, peculiar, punctuation. It’s more authentic that way)

Nice work, Amanda. We’re sure that’s added a great deal of comfort to those affected by this week’s news. Seems we’re not all in this together after all, eh? Seems the quality of your mercy is strained through your advertising revenue.

Worth thinking on, next time you’re wondering where to place your ad spend?

41 Responses to “Sympathy? Don’t Look to Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine”

  1. LiverpoolFoodLover

    She is getting herself quite a reputation for unprofessional behavior… To be honest I think Liverpool would be a better place without her cheap rag mag. Has anyone actually read it? Awful read, truly a terrible reflection of a great city.

    Shoddy behavior. Shoddy looking magazine. Shoddy women.

  2. cakeface

    Shocking… does she not realise that these throw-away comments she makes are going to come back on her?

    Having dealt with her briefly in the past, and her last words to me being “you cant honestly expect me to pay for it”….this was enough for me to never want to deal with her ever again… although she has had one of her skivvies contact me to advertise in her rag…. sorry but you surely cant expect me to pay for that???

  3. I met her and talked about some ideas for her magazine She said she’d think about it and get back to me. She never did, but ideas surprisingly similar to mine appeared in the next issue. Funny that.

  4. McLaren

    There’s no consistency with the Lifestyle brand at all; the design work in the magazine is absolutely atrocious and the business acumen of the people behind the mag is poor.
    They advertised for an UNPAID graphic designer a little while back, which explains the appalling design job. Paying themselves enough of a wage to boast about their several houses, how profitable the heavily ad-oriented glossy is and publicly flaunting their ‘wealth’ through hosting events at much more cost to the venue than the magazine. Yet they still can’t afford to appoint a creative director, which may actually make the mag reputable!
    Occasionally pick up Lifestyle Muffly whilst waiting in reception areas to, coincidentally, meet with sponsors & advertisers. Have taken copies into meets & briefs, along with equivalent local glossy His & Hers, to compare two ends of the spectrum.

  5. cakeface

    @ CH… if there was a cost involved then she prob wouldnt be interested! Bad that she has pinched your ideas… maybe you should just invoice her! 😉

  6. cakeface

    they should “employ” a paid proof-reader for a start… she is very reluctant to pay for anything though, but hey, at least she gets lots of nice holidays and parties!!!

    she obviously feels like she has something to prove as she constantly publicises her web stats…

  7. James

    Common sense should tell anyone that slow business in the ‘home quarter’ as a whole would be down to the choice of location and lack of directly attached parking (after all, you don’t want to trudge more than a few feet with your furnishing shopping, even if it’s only a few cushions you’re buying).

    Furniture stores are hardly likely to attract any serious casual passing trade in the same way the department stores do. The furniture store on the opposite side (Stocktons?) has an advantage as they are at least on the same side of the road as the car park.

    I went into the main HQ building once, I didn’t like anything in it but that’s not to say there are not many people with ‘different’ taste to mine. I would say that even though they were empty aside from me and the staff, and not one member of staff spoke to me – I think that these days if a retailer doesn’t work their socks off to make a customer feel welcome and at least try to entice them to buy then what hope is there for them.

  8. James

    Oh… and I’ve never heard of this magazine, and after reading this I don’t think I will pick it up if I ever do see it either (I assume it would be on the free rack next to the M To Go?).

    If that is an excerpt printed above, I don’t think I would be able to get past the Editor’s welcome (presuming there is one)!

  9. McLaren

    @Subtle? – I’m not actually, just appreciate good work and know the difference between shoddy quality print and good quality print. Done a lot of buying of advertising to know the difference! Could say the same great things about Halcyon Mag, Spiel and Lowdown but they’re in different industries! Waterfront is of reasonable quality, too!!

    Common sense tells me knowing the industry and your competitors and doing some market research gives you some feel for what you’re getting into: you come out with things you hate, things you love – things you never want to fall into the habit of doing, and things you aspire to do…

  10. Wavertree Warrior

    Just been looking at back issues of the magazine. May, June and July all have ‘Exclusive’ interviews. June’s ‘Exclusive’ interview is with Rolf Harris on the launch of his Walker exhibition. So what exactly makes it exclusive, given that the launch, and interviews with Rolf, were on the radio, TV, and countless websites?

    And as for “Note from our Award Winning Editor” – how pretentious!

  11. Stacey

    @CAROLINEHOWARTH What a ridiculous statement to make. His & Hers magazine is the official media partner of Liverpool One with copies available from the information centre as well as many other outlets in Liverpool and surrounding areas including Chester & Southport. If you can’t say anything of value, don’t say anything at all is my advice to you.

  12. cakeface

    His & Hers is a far superior magazine full stop… and as for the “award winning editior”…i wouldnt not be at all surprised if she gave herself this award at one of her own tacky award ceremonies… this is after all someone who used to work for “the scum” amongst other daily rags.

  13. carolinehowarth

    His and Hers magazine does not print as many magazines at it says it does, if it did, then it could prove it via ABC audit. It is littered with spelling mistakes and there is an almost criminal use of apostrophes in every issue,and no it isn’t printed every month, quite a few have been missed. However, whoever is in charge of this magazine is giving it a go so has to be admired, and in the same way so does the Lifestyle Monthly editor. There is room for everybody in this great city of ours.

  14. carolinehowarth

    Just checked with the press office for Liverpool One, 75 copies get dropped off at the information centre, and they don’t know of any other stores within Liverpool One His & Hers goes into. They also said the partnership isn’t exclusive.

  15. Stacey

    @CAROLINEHOWARTH That’s 72 more than you originally stated so how is anybody likely to believe anything you say? Apostrophes, I thought Lifestyle had used them all up in their little rag 🙂 I do agree with you that the person behind His & Hers has to be admired as there is a lot to admire unlike the so called editor of Lifestyle who has been socially embarrassed today for her underhand behaviour. I also agree there is plenty of room for everybody in our great city for everybody. Has anybody told Ms Moss? she obviously thinks she has the monopoly although I have a feeling that may well change after today.

  16. carolinehowarth

    Good grief Stacey, with people like you about, it is no wonder why Liverpool still struggles with a bad name. Your very spiteful comments only make you look petty, desperate and rather uneducated.

  17. Stacey

    @CAROLINEHOWARTH I believe you began with the spiteful comments against a magazine that had nothing to do with the above article. Why? Is it me that is petty & spiteful? As for uneducated I believe personal slurs like you have made solely because you don’t like to be challenged says more about you than me. That is all.

  18. Mr & Mrs Smith

    My experience of Life Style Magazine is that if you want to be nominated for ‘Best Liverpool Beauty Salon/Hair Salon/Restaurant or other business’, then be prepared to dig deep, because the only thing that will ensure you ‘win’ is paying Amanda Moss an unreasonable amount of money per ticket to the event in question. I recently discovered that the ‘winner’s’ of a small business in Liverpool had in fact bought the most tickets off Amanda Moss. Unfortuntely, I have to wonder if Amanda Moss realises that she has closed some very important doors to reputable luxury brands in Liverpool that now shun her unprofessional, poorly written magazine.

  19. What a shock! (said with a HINT of sarcasm )

    A LOUD round of applause once again for Mrs Moss, highlighting her professionalism and grace! She certainly will be a celebrity one day if she carries on this way she is…. and for all the wrong reasons. Hope she and her crappy mag eventually crawls back into the hole they came from!

    I’m the Editor of His & Hers and I couldn’t resist responding to your allegation regarding crimes against apostrophes. As I genuinely believe that all feedback is useful, I would like to take this opportunity to lay down the gauntlet… If you can find a page within His & Hers which is ‘littered with spelling mistakes’ and features a ‘criminal’ misuse of apostrophes, I will gladly and publicly concede this point to you and, of course, endeavour to do better. Here’s a link you can use to view a complete set of back issues: http://issuu.com/his_and_hers_magazine_lpool Also, if you’re able to name a source at Think (Liverpool ONE’s excellent PR company) to substantiate your above claim regarding distribution (which is entirely unfounded but oddly specific) I will order a box of cupcakes from the rather brilliant Laura’s Little Bakery, as featured on Seven Streets, for you in recognition of your efforts. If we’re going to engage in a dash of friendly rivalry, at least this way we can have a little fun along the way!

  21. Emma Hill in punctuation shocker! How ‘comma-cal’ (sorry). This is a bit like accusing Joanna Lumley of attacking Ghurkas as Liverpool’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw (without the rhetorical questions mid-episode obviously) champions the pursuit of excellent punctuation like no other in her field (certainly regionally). This has cheered me up no end. Particularly Emma’s nod to ‘allegation’.

  22. Denys Owen

    I picked up a magazine called “The Merseysider” when I was recently visiting the city.. Now, folks, this really is a well written and informative mag. It even had an article on Baseball in the city, a game I used to play when I lived in Liverpool. Try it! (No relation to me!).

  23. Oyty toyty arty farty

    hahahaha- cos its a load of crap,it hasnt been seen for 4 months, lifestyle has brought an issue out every month for the past 5 years,what a bunch of sad turds have posted on here.

  24. The Truth Teller

    Lifestyle Monthly Magazine = Self proclaim celebrity trollop Amanda Moss, Neil woods looks like he has a wooden jaw, thieving little scumbag, Oh no i better not her whole legal team will be after me , she must have an office just for them! #MI6 The magazine is a ill designed adbook, as Jesse J says it’s all about the money money money! and to add i seen a video of Moose on a blog Beatiful Liverpool maybe , utter troll!! who call’s their child Darling?

  25. Tom Lox

    Amanda Moss uses my photos for her magazine. Doesn’t ask me or the clubs I work at and doesn’t credit me. I once read Lifestyle Monthly Magazine and it was littered with ill written articles that have been ‘cleverly’ masked by a wanton plethora of adverts.

    Pathetic magazine.

  26. Lifestyle Mag, not read it since its first Issue, it is crap! bores me and reminds me of a city council flyer that you find at the Doctors waiting room explaining the bus routes to the walk in centers, a great read lol

  27. Amanda Moss and here team should be avoided at all costs. They line their own pockets and don’t care who they hurt in the process.

    Lifestyle magazine is all fluff – how does it even win anything. It looks as though they have top stars doing interviews but she simply sends off an email of crap questions to their agents and actually believes the reply is from the star……unless of course its Craig Phillips her ””’celebrity chum”””

    There is no class to anything she does. Her shoes are awful yet she thinks they are a rival to London Fashion Week. She doesn’t even understand that the national press take the piss out of her and what she stands for.

    She doesn’t understand the meaning of professionalism – one only needs to take a look at the shambolic model agency she runs to see that – shocking!

    Amanda Moss acts like a bully threatening everyone with legal action the minute they question her methods, morales or work ethics, chasing them to the small claims court quicker than she can blink those false lashes.

    Neil Wood practically props her lifestyle up. However he’s been corrupted by her work methods and become a fighter. Shame!

    A greedy, greedy women!!

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