In a week where the news has been dominated by the death of a certain ex-PM and the repercussions of her time in power, it’s nice to step away from the blaring headlines and social media squabbles and remind ourselves that actually there is such a thing as society.

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Suspended Coffee scheme in Liverpool, an idea that originated from Italy and is gathering popularity throughout the world. The principle behind it is simple – you pop in to buy your early morning double mocha latte Frappuccino (we have no idea if this is an actual drink but we would LOVE to try it) and when it comes to pay, ask to purchase a “suspended coffee” which will then be donated to someone less fortunate. It’s a really easy way to make a small difference in someone’s day.

The team kick-starting the scheme in Liverpool are Vicky Lewis and the owners of Gourmet Coffee, Andy Fernandez and Dean Bee. Whilst taking inspiration from the original idea, they’ve adapted it slightly in order to garner a wider reaching impact – rather than offering the coffee in store, they’ll collect the donations into a fund which will be used on a regular basis to distribute hot drinks to those sleeping rough, as well as local homeless shelters.

Each suspended coffee will cost a fixed fee of £1.50 and after the initial launch on Friday 12th April, the trio anticipate that the scheme will be adapted by other local businesses who would like to become involved.

If you’d like to show your support, the initiative kicks off tomorrow morning at Gourmet Coffee in Exchange Flags.

For more information or if you’re a local business who would like to get involved, follow @suspendcoffeeLV on Twitter or check out their facebook page

6 Responses to “Suspended Coffee: why not make a difference with your daily drink?”

  1. i love this…
    …and even though there will always be some who want to abuse such kindness, there will be many more who will genuinely benefit. Maybe this will be good for our rather ‘fixed ideology’ government ministers to learn from.
    Liverpool… Capital of Caring.

  2. Guys. The Brink Liverpool launched this nearly two weeks ago with coverage on Radio Merseyside and the Liverpool Echo. Its great that other places want to open their doors to the homeless too….but thought it was important that The Brink was recognised for the work they have been doing for some time.

  3. Ah, we weren’t told about the Brink scheme – we were aware it wasn’t exclusive to Gourmet Coffee though. It’s nice to see it’s spreading right across the city, either way. Hopefully more places take it up.

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