What does £58m look like? In the case of Liverpool Football Club it looks a bit like these two chaps, spotted at the Hope Street Hotel by SevenStreets’ roving pap.

Apparently Luis Suarez is holing up at Hope Street while he finds somewhere more permanent to stay, as is Andy Carroll (who, just to reiterate, is now the most expensive British footballer of all time thanks to King Kenny), presumably.

The notoriously hungry Suarez also enjoyed a meal at 60 Hope Street, by all accounts.

Hope Street seems to be the place to go if you’re an LFC employee with time on his hands.

Several years ago, during one of his lengthy rehabs, Jamie Redknapp could be spotted propping up the bar downstairs at 60 Hope Street while waiting for Louise to pick him up after work.

SevenStreets was told that Redknapp never touched a drop of the hard stuff, was courteous to a fault and tipped generously. What a guy.

Much more recently poor old Roy Hodgson was snapped on Hope Street, looking startled in the middle of a telephone call – hopefully not a portent.

Let’s also hope that Liverpool’s new number nine doesn’t learn of the existence of Leo Casino any time soon.

Thanks to Dave Evans

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