What’s going on with students these days? When tuition fees were being brought in by New Labour – the only point at which they could conceivably have been headed off at the pass – students, mainly led by students fully signed up to the Labour party, were satisfied to sign petitions. Although some of the really radical ones went as far as to sit in baths.

These days students are occupying buildings and everything. They were at it again, occupying Senate House, the University of Liverpool’s very own ivory tower.

40 years ago Jon Snow and a number of others from the university occupied the same building in protest at the University’s dubious investments in South Africa.

And six months ago many of those involved in the 1970 protest met up to celebrate the occupation; although ten of their number were expelled for organising the protest. Let’s hope a similar fate doesn’t befall these students.

This photo shows the demonstrators atop a footbridge that connects Senate House to another university building on Oxford Road.

Meanwhile a separate demonstration in the middle of town appears to show a number of student surrounded by police near Liverpool One, part of a so-called wildcat protest believed to have been heading for the town hall.

• Images by Dave Evans

5 Responses to “Student protests in Liverpool”

  1. Mike Keating

    I remember it well but I’m sure the 1970 protest was in Black & White.
    Great to see these students supporting those who wont pay the new tariffs until 2012.

  2. Phil Cohen

    As a member of the 1970 occupying group I’m tempted to repeat Richard ‘One Foot in the Grave’ Wilson’s catchphrase, ‘I can’t believe it!’ So heartening to see today’s students not accepting either the draconian fees rise or terrible cuts in education funding.

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