This sounds tasty. Say what you like about Camp and Furnace – but this is one space you can’t ever accuse of phoning it in.

This Friday, Stripped Back continues the venue’s tradition of putting its best food forward, with an event that shoves super-inventive new cooking and serious, traditional cheffy skills into the blender, mixes it up and concocts the most supercharged street food you’ll ever experience.

London’s Ben Spalding favours the ‘no rules’ rules of modern cooking – mashing up inspiration from the world’s best cuisines, and infusing it with a dash of theatre, and a dollop of top-table, tasting-menu dazzle, and plenty of WTF moments along the way. And, with Camp’s on-fire food man, Steven Burgess, we’re set for one of those very special Camp and Furnace evenings.

Spalding’s worked his way through 10 Michelin starred kitchens, but the fire is very much still in his belly – he famously walked out of his hugely applauded John Salt restaurant last year, claiming the venue’s desire for gastro burgers (oh God, we hear him) made his position ‘untenable.’

“Ben’s been invited to bring his ‘Stripped Back’ concept to the city,” Camp and Furnace’s Burgess tells SevenStreets.

“The night will feature a ten course menu cooked and plated directly in front of guests in the middle of a street food environment. We’re are going head to head doing five courses each challenging palates, flavour combinations and essentially having some fun.”

The menu features the usual extraordinary flavour combinations (caramelised and raw scallop with blue cheese, buttermilk and nettle/ a 40 ingredient salad/ cured salmon belly with peanut butter and preserved grapes…) and, probably a hefty side order of testosterone-fuelled alpha male chef business. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“The evening sums up the ethos behind our food offer,” Burgess says. “This year, we’ll be building our venue’s culinary reputation with creative cooking, giving everyone in the city the chance to experience the food from our friends doing amazing things across the country.”

It’s great to see Camp attracting these wizzards of modern cooking to the city. In a city where the idiosynractic and the passionate is endangered at every step, it’s up to us to support it.

Stripped Back
31 January
Camp and Furnace

Tickets: £36

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