We can’t be the only ones to find ourselves with a rumble in our stomachs and a fiver in our pockets can we? That’s exactly where we found ourselves last night, walking vaguely in the direction of the centre of town.

Time was we’d have headed over to Deli Mamma (look, we really liked it OK?) for a wood-smoked pizza. And if Moose Coffee or SkinniMalinx over on Castle/Dale Street were open late we’d have stuck around there, pressing our noses against the window to see how far we could make five measly quid last.

Others were too far away and we found ourselves wondering just where you could buy a nice tea for a fiver in Liverpool city centre. In the end we went to BarBurrito – yes it’s a chain but we like it. It’s easy, cheap, tasty and very filling. We regret rien.

But what about next time? As ever we threw it out to Twitter – and Twitter did not fail us. If you know any other possibilities let us know.

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3 Responses to “Streetsourcing: Tea for a fiver in Liverpool”

  1. I had THE worst meal in Tabac the other day. A macaroni cheese which was luke warm and tasted only of flour. Grim. Service terrible too. Save your fiver, go to Tokyou.

  2. Top Chef is reliably decent, the club sandwich has never failed me.

    I’ll definitely check out The Brink next time I’m in town, the kitchen had closed for the night last time I tried eating there.

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