We’re not food snobs. Well, actually we are, a bit. But some times we’re hungry and have no food in and sometimes we’re drunk. Often we’re hungry and drunk. And a takeaway is easy and feels like a bit of a treat, doesn’t it?

Some takeaways in Liverpool offer genuinely good food, while others simply offer sleazy cheap thrills, like an illicit sexual encounter in a pub toilet.

Ooh! Let’s have a chippy tea tonight! I’ve had five pints and fancy a pizza/piece of chicken/dirty kebab! I haven’t had a curry in over five days!

Whatever the situation, a takeaway can offer a little thrill that a ready meal from Tesco’s just can’t. It’s not quite a meal out but it’s sort of getting there.

In fact, we once took a Valentine’s Day date to Zain’s on Smithdown Road for a chicken kebab – it wasn’t exactly a meal out in a restaurant, but it was the next big thing (well, perhaps not eh?). Zains used to have perhaps the hottest curry to be described as a ‘medium chicken curry’ we have ever eaten.

In time we have loved American Pizza Slice and the four different quarter that make them perfect for sharing, although we’ve yet to sample an American Pizza Slice pizza hot.

The Gulshan, of course, is a dependable favourite. Both Chineses on Lark Lane are pretty decent, as is the Great Wall Express further down towards Aigburth Vale.

Town? The Lobster Pot seems to be the default. And we have a soft spot for Deli Mamma, when it’s open.

But we’ve struggled to find excellent takeaway food recently – there are some absolute dogs down Aigburth Road in particular – and we like to ask our readers for their favourites, it’s always good to discover new things eh?

So, as usual, we threw it out to Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes we stopped people in the street and asked them. And, from Newcastle and a memory perhaps ten years old, came a plaintive missive, asking us to ‘unselect’ Chicken Bazooka. Poor Chicken Bazooka.

Please let us know if you have some more favourites, we’d love to try them. And show your working! Tell us your favourite meal! Your best experiences!

These are, according to our readers, the best takeaways in Liverpool.

Liverpool’s best takeaways

American Pizza Slice forever!

Red Fort on Lark Lane

Saffron on smithdown is good

Byrnes fish and chips in Walton. On this site since 1932 .

The Chinese on Lark Lane opposite the Albert does (or did) the best takeaway sweet and sour chicken I’ve ever had. Dead clean and friendly too. I wish I still lived around there for that reason.

I know it doesn’t count but- Fish and Chips at Park Gate= the ultimate take away

Otto’s in Aigburth for pizza, and Chau’s in Grassendale for Chinese

Both Balti houses in Woolton village are nice too. Biryani for me pls. This thread is making me hungry

Arong Curry House – Warbreck Moor Aintree. Outstanding

The Saffron on Smithdown Rd is all kinds of goodness, and they have a ‘buy 4 get the 5th free’ offer on main meals. Particularly enjoy the Bollywood films on loop behind the counter too

I’d second on the Arong … good trad curry takeaway … and the Maharaja delivers in the city centre …top notch South Indian stuff

Chippy’s = Chris’s Rose Lane or Gold Star in Huyton. Indian = Shajalal in Upton

As a vegi I can’t find any pizza place since santa lucia closed, that comes close.

There aren’t that many in the city centre [where I am now], but Saffron mentioned earlier and The Nile (Egyptian … go for the more unusual things, rather than kebab) both on Smithdown Road, not far from each other, are worth a look

The Great Wall Express on Aigburth Rd. Especially the starters

New Roz kebabs, city centre.

Friends. Smithdown Road. Kebab bliss.

Takeaway Land on Lark Lane!

not strictly a takeaway but Tokyou?

Kebab and Burger, Berry Street. Although that might be because it’s next to the Raz.

Kimos (the small one near Myrtle Parade – and yes; it does matter which one)

the lobster pot

Shagor Balti House in Woolton Village

‘Wok it’ on smithdown. I order online through Just Eat then lovely noodles appear at my door

salt and pepper king prawns (no batter) from Hang Fung on Park Rd. Superb. Chippy on Penny Ln opens again at weekend. Good food

we love Onion Deli Aighburth Rd. Home cooked healthy TV dinners

our fave locals; ‘Pizza Park’, Aigburth Road, ‘Jenniric’s’ Chinese, Booker Ave, the magnificent ‘Light of Bengal’, Aigburth Road

Shagor Balti House, Woolton. See also The Raj, Woolton.

Taste of Peking in Gateacre is total heaven. May just go there tonight now you’ve made me think of it!

TOKYOU! YUM!!! Very hungry now……

I’m really feeling Mexigo at the moment, newish place on Bold Street. Roasted veg burrito and tortilla chips to go? Hell yes.

Liverpool takeaway image by smlp.co.uk via Flickr

Noodles image by MC =) via FLickr

14 Responses to “Streetsourcing: Best takeaway in Liverpool”

  1. Anna/@thespyglass

    Cafe Sekander next to Allerton library has the best onion bhajis (sp?).

    But noooo, not Mexigo, a veggie option is twice the price of those at Barburrito, which I know is Lpool One (and a chain?) but feel Mexigo ain’t matching up.

    Good to know about places near Lark Lane, cheers, moving nearby soon 🙂

  2. Living with 20 people we’ve now officially narrowed down the best kebab place, Nile was the previous winner but it’s been usurped by Friends, amazing service, great kebabs, they have a guy devoted to the best nan breads in the city. Safron for curry (that’s local), APC and Otto’s pizza (due to their ridiculous 20″ pizza ) for lazy-delivery days.

  3. Can’t believe nobody mentioned the Pizza Parlour on Smithdown, just past the bridge/opposite the mystery – best authentic italian thin crust pizzas in Liverpool. American Pizza Slice is good but where else can you get artichokes on your pizza and quaff a glass of wine while you wait?

  4. Three favourites for me;

    Hang Fung (Hunts Cross Avenue, Woolton) – possibly the best Chinese takeaway in the area!

    Takeaway Land (Lark Lane)

    and The Raj (Woolton Village)

  5. i love Tea House in Bold Street and Big Noodle Bowl in Berry Street – proper Hong Kong eateries in Liverpool

    The China Palace karaoke restaurant on Berry Street do good take away as well

    Peacock bar (next to Zanzibar) do a nice pizza for £5 – made by proper Italian chef last time i was there

    Etsu do takeaway on the request – the finest sushi and bento ever – i had a sushi and bento made to take to my Mum

  6. The little pizza take away in Peacock. Yes it is there for capitalist reason but it’s got the essence of proper pizza but you can walk away and eat it anywhere and not just in a restaurant.

  7. Darwen

    ANNA/@THESPYGLASS – tried Barburrito Veggy option, then tried Mexigo!!!! got to disagree with you…..have you actually tried Mexigo’s???? they are ten times bigger than Barburrito and they are only 30p more! and you get cheese & sour cream , not one or the other like Barburrito + you get jalapenos on top of your salsa choice – well better…..thanks but no thanks – Mexigo a winner all the way…

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