You’d expect Static – one of the city’s most consistently essential venues – to house one of the city’s most intriguing new events. And next month’s Terminal Convention is set to be just that.

A more-or-less month long hootenanny of music, art, performance, baking and live global link ups, Terminal Convention promises Bill Drummond, a new commission from Clinic, Nam June Paik and Imogen Stidworthy and a raft of rather thrilling participants in an event whose tendrils reach out to Frankfurt, Seoul and New York.

A celebration of emerging art and, for that matter, the art of emergence, Terminal Convention is another solid slice of static goodness: and, oh the lexical hilarity, further proof that Static is very much a gallery that’s on the move.

The event – created and curated by team Static – was set in motion earlier in the year in Cork, and was hailed as one of the year’s most invigorating experimental art and multimedia explorations.

When it returns to home soil next month, Terminal Convention promises to blast off, at precisely 16.48 on the 4th November, with a 32hr/2min series of events, free to all, featuring overlapping live-link ups with international art spaces and clubs.

Amid the hack days, the installations and the cerebral workouts there’ll be DJ and VJ sets from always-on-the-money Hive Collective, Bill Drummond and company, an Art Store showcasing new work from a constellation of artists, and a rather thrilling new set from lads-most-likely-to, Outfit.

November, then. Starting with a bang. Nice work, Static.

Us? We’re sifting our self raising in readiness for Bill Drummond’s Liverpool Cake Circle.

Terminal Convention
4-26 November, Static Gallery, Roscoe Lane

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