This photo, courtesy of Joe Neary, is taken from the Mapping Memory project, which (as the name suggests) presents memories of the city on a map on the Merseyside Maritime Museum website.

It’s a fascinating project as it focuses on Liverpool during a specific period of great change, 1950s to 1970s – a time that is recent enough to be familiar, yet long enough ago to be quite different.

This scene, for example, includes the cinema that I queued outside on the opening night of Star Trek: Generations (behind several people and one apparent Vulcan in Starfleet uniform) but very little else is recognisable to me. I’m a sucker for bright shiny things so love the huge neon Guinness clock (so much cooler than the present day huge screen). The old cars at the front are also quite cute.

For a more authoritative view on this period of Liverpool’s history from the people who were actually there check out the Mapping Memory website.

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