There was a time (actually not that long ago) where, if you wanted to shop for nice new stuff for your executive city penthouse it was either George Henry Lee’s or those furniture graveyards up London Road. We just didn’t do interiors, love, sorry.

Now Liverpool ONE has its own Home Quarter department store, lots of good stuff at the dependable Utility, folksy art at Landbaby in the Bluecoat, and sharp styles at BoConcept – among others determined to show us that there’s more to freshening up your home than your mum’s Great Universal catalogue and the Argos. Oh, and if you’re still into rosebuds and chintz, Cath Kidston’s got some great new storage tins, apparently. And a hen egg cosy (right) should you be in need.

Anyway, we decided we’d have a look at what’s out there, now that spring is sort of here, and our thoughts turn to smearing the insides of our windows with a wet wipe and giving the rug a quick bash on the line. See, there’s more to us than real ale and 90s indie nights at the Kaz. We’re quite sophisticated too.

We caught up with Maeve Nelson, from sharp new Liverpool interior design duo Style Inside – and we’ve come back with a booty of bright, shiny and seasonal picks for almost every room in the house.

1. Deer head, £32.50, Utility Design
You might be cool hunting, but no deers should ever have to die for it.

2. ‘M’ cushion, £35 & cushion with tulip, £49, BoConcept
What do you want us to say? You’ll be sitting pretty on these?

3. ‘Falling With Style’ wall art, £199, BoConcept
Brighten up a dull wall with a creative splash.

4. Lime green phone, £45, Hothouse Interiors
It may be retro, but it doesn’t stop the payment protection phone calls, sadly.

5. Pantone wallstore, £45, Utility Design
So, what colour are you? We’re usually 298c, but have been known to go 485c on occasion.

6. Newgate clock, £55, The Home Quarter
It’s time to add a colourful accessory to any room this spring.

7. ‘Camina’ lights, £80, Calligaris
Light up your life – or at least your tea – with a statement lamp.

8. Floor lamp, £195, ZEN Furniture
A unique lighting option – make an impact with an oversized floor lamp.

9.‘Foxi’ chair, £475, Calligaris
When Ikea’s Poang stalwart just isn’t statement enough…

10. ‘Random’ chair & stool, £999, Hothouse Interiors
Add a focal point to any room with a bold statement piece.

Blow the budget

11. ‘Vegas’ chaise lounge, £1,695, Hothouse Interiors
All bets are off – this one is for the daring!

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