zeligsWe like this idea from the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival: Speed Dine your way to taste some of the city’s best restaurants. The idea’s simple. Tomorrow (Thursday 16 September) prticipating restaurants will have separate festival tables where you can whizz in, chow down and sample taster size portions of their signature dishes. Try before you buy. Then, you can move on – starter in one venue, main in the next, desert, drinks or coffee in a third. A different venue for each course. And plenty of calorie-burning exercise between each sitting. Sounds perfect. There’s a range of restaurants taking part, from Mayur to Zeligs, PanAm to the James Munro. But, for a list of venues, visit the Food and Drinks Festival’s website

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  1. Crab C Nesbitt

    Sitting down for food, wolfing it down as quickly as possible and then legging it through the front door? Sounds familiar. Is the Royal Tandoori involved on Smithdown Road? It used to be.

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