With great concern, many residents within the Ropewalks have followed the recent public ‘Noise Debate’. Many felt that points made were unbalanced – some even unfounded.

The fact of the matter is that Ropewalks residents love ‘City Living’ and the vibrancy and excitement it brings to their lives. But this is not to say that it is acceptable to be kept awake by amplified music at 2.30am on a Tuesday morning … for example.

Let’s be balanced and put things in perspective: A large majority of the (upper) Ropewalks is classified a ‘mixed use’ area within the Council’s ‘SPD’ – with night economies and residents building the back bone to this fantastic part of Liverpool’s City Centre. Whether the idea of ‘mixed use’ is a good one to start with is not for this article to debate – it is a given, and we have to work with what we have got.

Both parties bring different things to the table, and both are integral to the vibe of the Ropewalks which makes this such a unique place to live, socialise and trade. I think it is fair to say that a large number of residents would ‘move on’ if the ‘Party in Ropewalks would be over’. Operators of licensed premises will also tell you that it’s not the recent noise debate, but the economic climate was and is responsible for much loved venues such the ‘The Masque’ closing over the past few months.

The third side to the triangle is Liverpool City Council, who try their best – within a very tricky legislative framework organically grown over decades – to facilitate improvements to the perceived issues between both sides. While we appreciate Liverpool City Council’s support – and in places none of us could do without it – a lot of the issues encountered in recent months could be sorted by two very basic means: Respect & Collaboration.

Just empty words? Far from it!

Talk to the operators of Lago, Aloha – and also Heebie Jeebies. Collaboration based on respectful interaction has brought great improvement to the area within the last 12 months. Not to mention joint efforts such as making Seel Street a One-Way Street (even though some might perceive it going the wrong way around…).

None of these actions EVER targeted a bar or club with the aim of closing it down, and neither the effect has ever been a closure. On the other hand, the night economy has got to accept that license and planning conditions are put in place for a reason within a mixed use area, and that these, as well as the neighbourhood, have got to be treated with respect … just the same as those who live in Sefton Park or Allerton Road.

All this is not about ‘light-sleeping residents’, it is also not about maverick bar operators – it is about picking up the phone and discussing when something goes wrong, collaboratively and pragmatically. The aim is for the ‘Party to go on…’ but let’s try and keep a bit of respect and balance in the manner we live and work together…that shouldn’t be too difficult should it…!?

If you encounter any issues and would like us to get involved, or if you have any other questions/ comments, please feel free to contact us via www.ropewalksresidents.co.uk

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  1. Daniel Hunt

    To be honest I don’t believe this represents another side of the argument, as it more or less approximates the consensus at the debate. Cllr Mumby presented his case for CIP and curbs on noise. The writer of this article spoke and received a round of applause for requesting collaboration, consultation, and respect, which the debate itself was a step towards.

    As a ropewalks resident, and also having experience in the late night economy and live music, I offered to take part, despite having no actual vested interest. However I would like to understand which points, made by the dozen or so who spoke that evening, were considered unbalanced or unfounded (besides the suggestion that bars should play John Cage), and why they were not countered at the debate itself.

  2. ‘just the same as those who live in Sefton Park or Allerton Road’, It’s not really the same is it now. You moved there knowing full well about the noise, if you wanted quiet then should’nt you of gone elsewhere? Living on the outskirts of town would give you the best of bold worlds.

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