So many acts, so little time. So, between now and Sound City, SevenStreets will be helping you navigate your way through the mayhem with a band/artist a day, and an instant crib sheet: how to compare your Red Suns with your Sand Band? Your Whip with your Wretch 32 and your Willy Mason? Simple – just duke ’em out Top Trumps style. Hey, it worked with Tractors and Locomotive Engines when we were 7, and we’ve yet to find a methodology to compete.

With three days, hundreds of acts, and venues stretched across the city, you’ve gotta filter. And that takes homework.

So let us do the preliminaries… We’ll be showing a video a day for your inspection, and scoring each band/act on Live Chops/Track Record/Venue/Supporting Acts.

Remember, this is Sound City, not Pokemon, you ain’t gotta collect ’em all. You just gotta chose wisely, if you’re gonna use your wristband to its fullest potential. So here goes…Artist Number One, please introduce yourself…

Frank Turner: The Crypt, Thurs 19 May
(C.A.L.M and LSC Presents)
Metropolitan Cathedral, The Crypt


Live Chops: 8/10 – buoyant and fizzingly energetic, and not afraid of busking it when the mood takes him.

Track Record: 8/10 – ex Millon Dead Frontman, Turner’s back catalogue embraces scratchy folk punk and rabble rousing anthems with ease.

Venue: 6/10 – Echoing and atmospheric, the Crypt can sometimes soak up the sound, but at least its Beer Festival shows the ecclesiastical setting doesn’t preclude getting wasted on altar wine.

Supporting Acts: 6/10 – Just the two. The angsty-electro of Montreal’s Handsome Furs and Fife’s Friendly Fires-esque Draymin.

Sound City

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