Fucked Up

One of the most forward-thinking rock bands on the planet, Fucked Up (starred in the title for those of you with sweary filters on your work computers – aren’t we thoughtful?) head to Sound City this year for a headline slot at the Kazimier.

They’ve already passed through the city a number of times, but this month the Canadians bring with them material from forthcoming album ‘David Comes To Life’, an ambitious musical-slash-rock opera (yes, really) that’s set for release on 6th June.

Live chops: A formidable live act, frontman Damien ‘Pink Eyes’ spends the majority of their gigs with his shirt off being generally sweaty, shouty and brilliant. The band themselves balance the ferociousness of punk with deft touches and flourishes. Loud but melodic. 8/10

Track record: Critically acclaimed, the gang are renowned for injecting a healthy amount of artistry and ambition into hardcore, a genre that quite often rests on its laurels. 9/10

Venue: The Kazimier can often make heavy artists sound a bit muddy, but with a band as fun and interesting as Fucked Up we probably wouldn’t mind that much anyway. 7/10

Supporting acts: Young Legionnaire (who feature a member of Bloc Party), buzz band Braids and locals Shadow Cabinet all feature on the lineup. Pretty solid. 7/10

Fucked Up, 21st May
The Kazimier, Wolstenholme Sq
Liverpool Sound City

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