542761_441054539302936_1508190482_nWe love Sound City. And we love that this year’s line-up (in music and chat) is the best yet. But, doing our homework over the past few weeks, we especially love how it’s introducing us to amazing new, homegrown talent. We’ve got a clash of about five Liverpool acts just tonight alone.

There was a council-funded launch of another music awards this week. Glitzy. Cup cakes. Red carpet and PR.

Trust us, if you want to discover the city’s best new music, look to the bods who programme Sound City, and the line up at this year’s GIT Awards.

Talking of which…

With more textures than a remnants warehouse, a bag of beats and bass deeper than the Marianas Trench, Liverpool’s Ghost Chant is guaranteed to get your heart pounding this weekend. Standing in for Jetta at the GIT awards, the producer/remixer/DJ added an after midnight blast of energy that set the room alight. Hmmm, we thought, here’s one to watch. He’s playing at Sound City, tomorrow, Brooklyn Mixer. Stick that in your itinerary, if you know what’s good for you.

Tell us about the Ghost Chant project. Where did it start?

Ive been into music since i was about 13. I was playing in various bands with mates over the years, and then over a dry patch of writing i started experimenting in writing some basic beats on FL Studios. During my 2nd year at Uni I started taking it a little bit more seriously and started putting more time and effort into writing and producing tracks.

What sort of stuff do you like throwing into the mix?

In terms of production, I like to include chilled liquid sounds, dubstep percussion, Swung garage beats, soulful vocals, and some house flavours. When it comes to DJing, its any music thats really garage and house based , and suit which the time, venue and night im playing at. If its just a general mix, there could be more possibilities and variety in the track listing.

How’s the scene in Liverpool these days? Are we more open to new sounds?

The scenes buzzing. The electronic music scene certainly is. there are a lot of good nights putting on good headliners with very talented local support. And they vary in taste and aesthetic as well which is good.

Where do you like playing?

Down Stairs at the Hideout has been fun, and Haus always puts on a good party. Drop the Bumbells on Slater Street is pretty cool too. I have a few shows lined up over the next month in various venues in Liverpool which I have always wanted to play in which I’m looking forward too.

Are you about big tunes, or carefully sculptured soundscapes? What does it for you?

As I see myself predominantly as a producer so I’m going to have to say writing the big tunes. I just really enjoy the process of writing and seeing your end result. Djing is really enjoyable as well, and certainly has its merits for me.

Where do you find new sounds/new inspiration?

I get sent quite a few new bits. Soundcloud and blogs, as well as various youtube channels I’m associated with.

Who are you listening to at the moment? Any Liverpool bands or producers you like?

Ive been listening to a lot of stuff thats been featured on the Eton Messy and Future Collection Channels lately. There are some good producers on there. In terms of Liverpool based producers, I would recommend SPD, Lojt and D3adline.

Where can we catch you next?

I ll be next playing at Liverpool Soundcity Festival at the Brooklyn Mixer on the Saturday the 4th May. I’ll be doing a live show, with a couple of guest vocalists. And I also have a couple of DJ sets over may.

You find out more about shows here

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