felix dennisIt would be great if the Baltic Triangle area kept up a regular roster of after-dark events. The Picket’s great, and there’s a decent Beer House in the Contemporary Urban Centre, but this week, what with the comings and goings of the Biennial, and a few choice events at the CUC, there’s a definite buzz in the air.

First up, the publishing magnate turned poet, Felix Dennis puts a whole new (and thoroughly welcome) twist on a readings tour, with his  ‘Did I Mention The Free Wine?’ Tour.

And this being Dennis (the man behind notorious Oz magazine and current owner of Viz, among many other titles), you’re unlikely to be conned with a plastic flute of Liebfraumilch. Oh no, you’ll be enjoying fine French wines, and canapes, served throughout the evening.

But you don’t need to be half cut to enjoy Dennis’ sparky and warm-hearted poems: after a scant eight years, Dennis has attracted praise for his work from the likes of Stephen Fry, Paul McCartney and Tom Wolfe. You can even check them out, and create a personal poetry playlist on his website .

Dennis will be reading a selection of poems from his previous collections, Homeless in My Heart, A Glass Half Full, Lone Wolf, Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times and Island of Dreams, and he’ll also be introducing his new collection, Tales From The Woods, part of his campaign to save Britain’s native trees.

There’s a great blog of his tour here. And you can buy tickets, £10 advance, £5 concessions, here

Then, the night after, it’s The Cellar Club: the CUC’s monthly shindig, featuring solid local talent,  and the indie DJs The Cellar Dwellers.

This time, it’s the turn of the excellent The Trestles, with support from The Dead and Kids and Sunny Jesus.

There is no free wine. But, frankly, there’s a time and a place for that. And this isn’t it. So you’ll have to make do with the excellent beers instead, which should keep you on your feet until 2am.

October 1, 2
Novas Contemporary Urban Centre
Greenland Street, Liverpool

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