Is the Liverpool music scene dying? Or is it a rebirth? There’s something of an ongoing debate in these parts on that question (hey, don’t shoot us, we’re just agents provocateurs).

Our Manchester music contact suggested that Liverpool could do worse than to club together; share the costs, share the audiences. It’s perhaps timely, then, that Snub is back for a second time promising to give local artists a leg up and give music fans a cheap night out. Not only that but what was once a one-off is returning every month from now until June at least, says promoter Gemma Smith.

“I started Snub last Summer as a response to some bands feeling a little let down by Sound City and Hub – they’re both fantastic for the city but a few bands felt the ‘voting systems’ used to gain a slot where difficult and they felt a little snubbed, hence the name!

“Snub will be a platform for local talent to shine, regardless of genres. Last year I used all three rooms in The Masque, had over 20 bands and rappers and charged the least amount possible.

With the closure of the Masque, new premises were in order, and Smith has lined up an absolute legend of Liverpool gigging – the fondly-remembered Lomax on Cumberland Street

“The Lomax reminds me a little of The Masque’s loft – dark, a little grimey and great for bands to make some noise – though it’s had a little re-vamp in the meantime,” says Smith – and the portents are good.

“It is being run by responsible music lovers who are doing a really good job (T2F); they’ve had adlib installed so the sound is spot on too.”

Snub will run over the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of February, promising Metal, Indie and Rocks nights respectively – and all for three quid.

What’s not to like? Many bands over three nights, the return of live music to one of Liverpool’s famous venues (and the other side of town), a DIY work ethic and entry that costs less than a pint of horrible, flat lager from a plastic cup.

The Lomax, Cumberland Street
2/3/4 February

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