It’s been encouraging to see the steady rise of Abandon Silence. From its humble days as a half-full clubnight for a bunch of dance music nerds, to a must-attend event at the Shipping Forecast that regularly sells out, it’s been easily the biggest rise in Liverpool clubbing since Chibuku.

Catering for the more experimental side of dance: weirdo house, boundary-pushing bass music and, er, ‘post-dubstep’, it’s cornered a niche the city’s scene was clearly looking for. And it’s regularly played host to acts that’ve gone on to do big, international things: James Blake, Mount Kimbie and SBTRKT both visited in the not too distant past before they went on to festival-filling acclaim.

We sat down for a chat with head honcho Andrew Hill, who told us more about their move on up…

What were the main reasons behind deciding to change venues?

I’ve always tried to keep our progress in check, making sure we never over-reached ourselves. I think that my restraint has been aided by the advice I have received from a number of friends who’ve much more experience in this field than I do. Once the realisation had set in that this could actually become something more permanent, the next stage was to try and establish Abandon Silence as a brand in Liverpool. After being in The Shipping Forecast for 2 years, I’d like to think that we have achieved that through the guests, atmosphere and crowds that we attract. Also, on a basic capacity level, all but one of our last nine parties at the Ship have sold out on advanced tickets alone, so on that level it was almost a mandatory step to look for a larger venue.

What was it about the Masque that attracted you? Did you ever expect Abandon Silence to get so damn big?

Over the summer we spent month or so investigating a number of different spaces around the city centre and in the outskirts, but in terms of atmosphere, heritage and the co-operation we received from the venue, nothing compared to The Masque. The way in which The Masque have welcomed us has been perfect, and we are honoured to be moving some Abandon Silence shows into such a legendary venue.

I think it was after our third gig, with Mount Kimbie and Koreless, that it first dawned just how unique an opportunity was there in front of us. It’s walked before it could run, and now I hope we will start to see the fruits of our labour of the past two years come to fruition at The Masque.

Tell us a bit about this Saturday and what people can expect.

We’re hoping that the forthcoming night on the 20th will be a memorable party, for all involved. We’ll be bringing some of electronic music’s biggest and best to The Masque. We have Boddika headlining, with Dusky, Trikk and Bok Bok with LVis 1990 as well. Due to time spent at a great location like The Shipping Forecast, we’re used to sharing a venue with other similar nights like we will be doing at The Masque, but hopefully will make it a unique and special party for everyone.

What do you reckon to the current state of electronic music in the city?

Personally, I think that is in a much healthier state than most people give it credit for. There’s a comparatively low amount of promoters, but I think it would be hard for people to come across too many names that wouldn’t be, if they haven’t been already, booked by the promoters we have here.

Other cities have shows every night of the week, which is awesome for the people of those cities, but Liverpool has such a limited crowd who are into electronic music that I think that it would get over-saturated very quickly if our situation changed. I think supply fits the demand.

Abandon Silence
(Boddika, Bok Bok b2b L Vis 1990, Dusky, Trikk, Rich Furness, Harry Sheehan)
The Masque, Seel Street, Liverpool
Saturday 20th October, 10pm

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