969375_371210189651698_266962783_nImagine how smug you’d be if you’d actually, like, been there. As it is, you (probably) weren’t. And ditto All Your Friends. Still, we know of a pretty close second. And it’s happening next month. Here.

With a big screen, er, screening, proper club-sized speakers, lights, dry ice and beer on tap, Now Wave and Samizdat presents ‘that’ final curtain: LCD Soundsystem’s sonic swan song. With Lunar Modular, AbandonSilence & Discoteca Poca DJ’s adding live props to the night, this is set to be one of those Camp and Furnace nights. And, if the venue’s recent form’s anything to go by. One of those nights are gonna be happening all too frequently as the summer approaches.

How long before someone shouts Shut Up And Let Us Sleep? Hopefully never. Although, in this city, you never know.

In the meantime, this…

Shut Up And Play The Hits
Friday 14 June
Camp and Furnace

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