We hope the Kazimier are reinforcing every single available surface in their ace outdoor Garden space for next month. Because, for one night, it’s set to be transformed into a colourful, globe-straddling dancefloor.

Shangaan Electro’s a dizzyingly brilliant, achingly joyous form of music from Soweto in South Africa. It’s a rather unique form of dance music: think sped up drums and joyous chats, topped off with melodies from cheap computer music presets – marimbas, xylophones and zip-zappy synths. Damon Albarn was such a fan he released a compilation via his own Honest Jon’s label, nudging the music even further into the spotlight.

Shangaan’s also characterised by its excellent dance moves: dancers peacock around in surreal, DIY carnival clothing, stamping and contorting themselves in a way that makes us knackered even thinking about it.

Forward-thinking electronic promoters Deep Hedonia bring the Shangaan Electro collective to the Garden this July – and not only will they be doing a set, they’ll be hosting a dance workshop beforehand to teach you how to look and move just as amazingly as them. Er, or at least try to. There’s also South African street food and a pretty top-notch supporting cast, including Afrobeat purveyors Auntie Flo. Recommended.

Shangaan Electro, Live Performance & Dance Workshop
(+ Auntie Flo, Thristian, Yola Fatoush, Bantam Lions)
Saturday 20th July
Kazimier Gardens, Seel Street, Liverpool
£10.50 advance, 4pm – late

Buy tickets: Main performance | Main performance + dance workshop

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